How to lay Venilia paper?

Venilia paper is a very practical way to offer a great decoration to your home. It is inexpensive and can be placed almost anywhere in the house. There is a great variety of them, with very easy laying techniques.

All about paper Venilia

It is a very thick decorative adhesive, usually used for its simplicity and low cost. It can be placed on furniture, bay windows, windows and wall.

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This very solid element is made in many colors (white, black, blue etc.), design and patterns (wood, aluminum metal, etc.). It can be placed in any room of the house, without resorting to a painter.

Transparent models are designed for windows, windows, mirrors. Whiteboard or blackboard models make it possible to create an atmosphere of innovation. It is advisable to use them in the kitchen or bedroom children, because their use and maintenance is very easy.

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Installation of self-adhesive paper

Laying Venilia paper is a very easy operation that does not require the intervention of a specialist. The principle is to thoroughly clean the backing that will receive the paper. Make sure that this surface is clean and smooth, so that it can stick well.

We then cut out the amount of paper needed, then peel off an end that is placed on the surface concerned. The display is then done as and until the roller unfolds completely.

In case of bubbles, use a squeegee to make them disappear. Finally, it is allowed to dry for a day. Given the fact that the glue used takes time to dry (ten minutes), so there is the possibility of changing the position of Venilia.