How to lay a blackout wire mesh?

To delineate a plot, a garden or a private area, you always have the choice of laying a fence. For added privacy, blackout mesh (or blackout net) can be useful. We explain how to lay your blackout wire mesh with ease.

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  • net or wire mesh
    • Features of blackout wire mesh
  • Advantages of blackout wire mesh
    • Installing and fixing your blackout system
    • Steps of laying your blackout wire mesh
    • Fixing systems blackout net

Blackout net or wire mesh

Are you bothered by the eyes of neighbors and need a little more privacy? The installation of a netting or blackout mesh helps you gain comfort in your garden or on your terrace.

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Features of blackout wire mesh

We all know that the eyes of neighbors are quite annoying and can quickly choke us, even if you are at home. To overcome this problem, there is a very simple way of blackout , available as a kit. A blackout wire mesh is a kind of net that lays over a pre-existing fence or wire mesh.

As effective as PVC panels or wooden slats in terms of the blackout coefficient, the blackout wire mesh is easily laid. It can be found in kit, for easy occultation. With a suitable mesh, the blackout net is in various formats and with very practical attachment systems .

If you have not planned to install a screenshots worthy of the name, be aware that a blackout kit can offer you the privacy you need. It is not necessary to embark on major works to afford a garden fence with effective blackout.

Advantages of blackout wire mesh

The blackout mesh has avariable blackout coefficient, depending on the product or kit chosen. Thus, you can choose a blackout wire mesh kit that ranges from 75% to 100% blackout, an advantage that leaves you free to regulate your environment.

You choose the material, color and weave if it is a net. Your blackout mesh can very well be done with an openwork mesh, especially if you want to make the wind less.

Install and fix your blackout system

To delineate your property, you have several ways of laying and fixing. Depending on your Choosing material and panels for your blackout mesh, the fastening system will not be the same. A blackout grillage kit consists of the mesh structure, and the blackout net.

If you have not laid a wire mesh yet , be sure to do so. A blackout net kit will not hold effectively, stretched alone between the posts.

Steps of laying your blackout mesh

Here we detail the laying of your wire mesh and blackout net:

  • If the wire mesh panels are already present, they will be a size support;
  • Check the condition of the support as well as the poles: they must be well planted;
  • Also check the voltage of the wires (if any);
  • Lay each wire mesh panel, wood slats or plastic or PVC canisses if you do not have a wire mesh in place
  • ; If your wire mesh is in place, roll out the blackout net on the panels as you go, and fasten.

Systems for fixing your blackout net

You have the choice to attach your blackout net kit with staples, plastic clips, plastic pads or tension bars .

Regardless of the nature of the panels of your wire mesh (and especially for natural materials), it is advisable to place them a few centimetres above the ground , to avoid any rotting or anticipated deterioration.

Your breaker will hold if you have fasteners about every 50 centimeters, especially for pellets. If you intend to make your blackout wire mesh fasteners with a plastic clip or clip type fastener, an interval of 30 cm is recommended.