How to lay a blackout wire mesh?

Do you have a garden fence or wire mesh and would like to make it blackout to preserve your space and home? You don’t have a wire mesh yet and you want to put a more blackout one? What are the solutions? We explain here how to lay a blackout wire mesh.

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  • Usefulness of wire mesh or fence
  • Transforming your wire mesh into a screenbreak
  • Choosing your wire mesh and screen screen How to
  • lay your blackout mesh

Usefulness of wire mesh or fence

The wire mesh is a product that allows to separate without locking, since it allows air to circulate. Installation of a wire mesh or fence can be done on any type of land. Garden, house delimitation, land or wasteland delimitation , etc. Everything is possible, as long as your wire mesh or Your fence can be laid respecting a certain tension of the material.

Thanks to the posts of your fence, the tension of the wire mesh is done and you are able to proceed with the installation of an effective system of separation of land . A wire mesh or fence effectively prevents some animals from entering the field.

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Transform your wire mesh into a privacy screen

In urban areas, it is common to see a fence or fence between two land or dwellings. The wire mesh can be laid to delineate a garden or the entire property. Its installation is generally simple, as long as you respect the gaps between the poles and the tension of the pole to post wire mesh.

Sometimes a wire mesh is no longer enough to feel “at home” and you need more privacy. For this reason, one can resort to installation of a blackout cloth or a durable blackout material, ideal for outdoor use. This installation would turn your wire mesh into a shelter and offer you more comfort. Because sometimes you don’t want to see or be seen , it may be wise to lay a blackout wire mesh.

Choosing your wire mesh and screen screen

It is quite possible to turn your wire mesh into a privacy screen! Your wire mesh is punctuated by poles. In order to make your wire mesh blackout, you can put on your fence or wire mesh a kind of canvas that will be hidden , and that will be hung on each post.

First you need to choose the type of fence or wire mesh on which you will lay your blackout cloth:

  • Single twist wire mesh;
  • Soft Welded Wire Mesh
  • ; Welded wire mesh with rigid panel;

To make a quality blackout mesh, it is important to choose the blackout cloth that will act as a privacy screen. Think about the percentage of occultation and matter. This must be resistant so as not to tear off at the slightest snag.

Good to know : the entry-level blackout canvases have only 75% maximum blackout percentage. This can be a problem for your neighbourhood relations and for your expectations. Your canvas should be able to allow the wind to pass slightly so as not to have too much grip on the gusts.

How to lay your blackout mesh

Setting a blackout wire mesh is done in several stages, depending on your situation:

  • Unroll the canvas roll as it goes;
  • Lay the fasteners one by one on the posts: wires, PVC clamping, staples or direct fasteners on the posts;
  • Spread each wire or staple over the entire height of the posts;
  • Tough the canvas between the posts to ensure a long hold.

Tip for laying your canvas on wire mesh : the cable ties can tear the canvas: prefer staples.

It is advisable to obtain a quality wire mesh as well as quality blackout canvases, under penalty of having to reinvest a few months later. Sometimes entry-level entries can troubleshoot for temporary sites , for example. It all depends on yourneed.