How to install a Facebook chatbot?

You have a Facebook page and you want to automate your chats under Messenger . You can use a robot to do it automatically. We talk about a Facebook ChatBot or ChatBot Messenger, this one will chat with your customers for you 24 hours a day.

I will show you how to install a Facebook ChatBot for free and I will even go much further.

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Why install a Facebook Chatbot?

A Facebook Messenger Chatbot works like email marketing. When someone starts chatting with your Facebook page, it is saved and you can later send messages to them or register them for automated sequences whenever you want. It is a great webmarketing tool in addition to other channels such as SEO, Advertising and Email Marketing.

Reason #1: Your Facebook Chatbot works for you 24/7. You no longer need to waste time responding to messages on your page, you have a robot that will sell your products or services for you in automatic. Your Facebook Messenger ChatBot can also play the role of service.

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Reason 2: it is an under-operated customer acquisition channel that is very professional.

Reason 3: it really works better than email marketing (the most successful marketing channel today). For proof:

With a Facebook Messenger Chatbot (on average):

  • 100% deliverability
  • 95% rate of playback
  • 40% click rate

With email marketing (on average):

  • 95% deliverability
  • 25% opening rate
  • 10% click rate

It really works better simply because we receive a lot less message on Facebook Messenger than email and it usually comes from our friends and not from brands.

Watch more than 3 hours of videos to learn how to create a WordPress website and make it visible Defining a ChatBot

By definition, a ChatBot is a robot capable of simulating a conversation with a human. Particularly used via Facebook Messenger, a ChatBot can be used with other chat tools such as Zendesk or Drift. It is actually a human-programmed computer program for assisted. So he is not (yet) capable of converting on his own. It needs to be programmed in a simple way so that it can answer the questions that arise most often. As a rule, the ChatBot does not allow a real conversation but rather takes the form of a MCQ with pre-programmed responses. It is a very powerful webmarkerting tool.

Everything you can do with Facebook Messenger ChatBot

You don’t even imagine everything you can do with a Facebook Messenger ChatBot. Now you’ll see how close a Facebook bot is getting closer to how email marketing works. I have a course dedicated to both techniques in my online video training.

When a person registering on a capture form, you retrieve their email. It’s the same thing with a Facebook ChatBot except that it is his Facebook profile that you recover. And you can do lots of things with:

  • Create a welcome message: When someone starts chatting on your page, they receive one or more messages that you can set up. You can also test mine by clicking here.
  • Create an absence message: In fact, you can create any message that you will schedule according to the context. If you are going on vacation, you can change your welcome message to an absence message.
  • Create workflow: A workflow is an automated message sequence spread over several days. As for the email, as soon as a person regisches up or starts chatting, they will receive a first message 1 hour after then a second one the next day and so on. This technique is especially suitable for setting up sales tunnel.
  • Create a campaign: by email, we call it a newsletter. After recovering multiple Facebook profiles, you can send them a notification on Messenger to notify them of a new blog post or other.
  • Set up a Pop Up on a website: yes it is possible to add a pop up on your website that will send back to your Facebook ChatBot.
  • Advertise Facebook: You can create one or more ChatBot Messenger (message sequence). In the form of a link, you will be able to share it everywhere (email signature, social networks, blog posts…) but above all in a Facebook advertisement. This is what will bring you a large number of customers.

How to install a Facebook ChatBot on your page?

There are several free or freemium tools that you can use. I tested two: Chatfuel and Manychat. I’ll tell you about the second one that is the easiest for me to set up.

Step 1: Link your Facebook page to ManyChat


Step 2: Create a Welcome Message

This is the first message that people who want to contact you via Messenger will receive. Go to “Flow” then to “Welcome Message” and then in “Edit Flow” to set it up.

The system is simple:

  • I always add an emoticon to indicate that it is the Messenger bot that speaks and not me. You can access a library of emoticons by clicking here.
  • You can customize the message with the name of the Facebook profile by clicking on “{}”
  • You can add text, images, videos, sounds, products, files…

I advise you to always add an action button, the one can refer to your website, a request for a quote, a phone call or anything you want.

In my post, I chose to create a sequence of several messages giving multiple choices to the user. Here, by clicking “OK”, it is redirected to another series of messages.

Obviously, if the user starts chatting, the sequence stops.

Step 3: Publish the Welcome Message on its Facebook Page

Simply click on “Publish”. You can also preview your Facebook Messenger ChatBot. In order to be able to preview it several times, it is better to delete the conversation (on the side of the page) to start from scratch.

All done, it’s online. You can ask your friends to test your robot to be sure that everything is really ok. Let’s see now what others can do with ManyChat.

Everything you can do with ManyChat

Retrieve the url of your robot to share it to the greatest number:

Ideal to advertise it on Facebook or share it on other social networks, by email, signature mail or even on your website or blog.

Create an Automatic Message Sequence

On my side, when people click on my “Web Training” button, I automatically register them for an automatic sale sequence.

People who contacted me will receive a first message on Messenger the day after their registration between 6pm and 10pm and so on.

Send a “Newsletter”

You can also send a newsletter to anyone who contacted you on your Facebook page (after installing ManyChat). You will send a message or an automatic sequence to all your subscribers at once. As with email marketing, you can schedule a specific day and time.

Display a Pop Up on your website

This is a good idea if you want to base your webmarketing strategy on your Facebook Messenger ChatBot. With ManyChat, you can add a Pop Up on one, multiple pages or all of your site that will send back to your ChatBot Messenger. You’ll just need to add a snippet of code to your website. Contact me if you don’t know how to do it.

This Pop Up is really well made and it is quite customizable. You can even choose when you want it to appear on your website.

ChatBot Facebook Messenger Best Practices

Facebook ChatBot is a truly extraordinary tool under exploited today. I know very few brands or large companies that operate it. So it’s a very big competitive advantage to use it.

Facebook ChatBot is not as regulated as email marketing, so it is good to recall some GDPR rules so you don’t have to worry about.

  • After your welcome message, if you are sending other marketing messages, you must definitely let the user know why it receives your message. Remind him that he contacted you on your Facebook page X days ago.
  • You must also inform them of the method to follow in order for them to unsubscribe. On ManyChat, just write “STOP”.

I hope you liked this tutorial and that it helped you install your ChatBot FacebookMessenger.