How to get rid of his car out of order?

An out of service car must not be abandoned on the sidewalk or on the street. This is strictly prohibited by European Environmental Law. Thus, there are several means in accordance with the regulations to be used in this area. So how can we get rid of a car out of service?

Drop the car in a car break

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The law on environmental protection recommends that your car be entrusted with a car breakage. Indeed, this option is not optional, but remains an obligation of the law. A car contains fluids harmful to the environment. This is engine oil, air conditioning fluids, brake fluid, coolant, etc. To do this, it is important to drop your vehicle in a state approved car case whose name is inscribed on the prefecture list.

In addition, several formalities must be followed to entrust his VHU to a car break. It is therefore a matter of collecting the necessary documents to be handed over to the VHU accredited centre. These documents are as follows:

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  • The certificate of registration or grey card that must be accompanied by a handwritten statement “assigned on (day/month/year) for destruction” or “sold on (day/month/year) for destruction” or followed by your signature.
  • A declaration of loss or theft when you lost the certificate of registration or if it had been stolen from you.
  • A notice of withdrawal of the certificate issued by the police or gendarmerie if your car was damaged during an accident and you no longer have the certificate of registration.
  • A proof of ownership when you no longer have the certificate of registration of your VHU because it is over 30 years old.
  • A certificate of administrative status issued less than 15 days ago.
  • A Cerfa form No. 15776 called declaration of transfer of a vehicle which must be completed in 2 copies. On this form, you must enter the contact details of the VHU centre and its VHU approval number. The first copy is for you and the second one to be postponed.

Use free wreck removal

The wreck is a professional who takes care of the removal of wreckage or HVU intended for auto breakage. This professional moves to the parking place of the VHU. It is responsible for transporting it in accordance with safety and administrative formalities rules for the respect of the environment. During the free wreck removal, you must deliver to the professional the grey card of the barred car with the words “ceded for destruction” and the date and time of the removal. You must also issue a certificateof non-pledge stating that the transfer of the vehicle is not the object of opposition.

Finally, this transfer for destruction must be declared to the prefecture through a declaration of assignment for destruction provided by the wreck to the owner. The latter is responsible for transmitting it to the registration authorities within 15 days of the collection.

Car buyback in cash

Cash car buyback is a great alternative . This is a way for the owner of the VHU to get rid of it. It also allows him to make some money at the same time. Several redemption offers will be offered online. After that, it will be necessary to schedule an appointment to closely check the actual condition of the vehicle and make an accurate estimate of the price. This solution is the fastest and most cost-effective and has several advantages.

You can get rid of an out-of-life vehicle from several ways in accordance with environmental standards.