How to get married on a barge?

When you want to get married, various ideas can come to mind, for an original wedding. Did you think about getting married on a barge? We explain everything he says to get married on a barge and make your wedding an unforgettable moment…

Plan of the article

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  • What is a barge?
  • Why get married on a barge?
  • Choosing your provider for a wedding on houseboat
  • Wedding houseboat: which boat to choose?
  • What to expect for your houseboat wedding
    • Weather
    • What equipment is on board?
    • A boat, it’s moving!
  • How to arrange his wedding reception on a barge?
  • A “professional” barge or rather less sought after?

What is a barge?

A Barge is a boat that usually travels on a waterway. There are many barges in Paris, on the Seine, but not that! All over France, barges are boats on which people decide to live and settle.

The barge is an elongated boat, very typical of rivers and spacious enough to accommodate a beautiful cruise or offer a friendly moment during a wedding.

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Why get married on a barge?

Marrying on a barge is an unforgettable experience. The wedding in itself is already a magical day that should be well organized. In order to live the wedding day of your dreams, the offer for wedding ceremonies has diversified. The houseboat owners began to offer the bride and groom the houseboat rental and organize their wedding reception on a barge.

In living your wedding on a barge, you enjoy an exceptional setting. If, for example, you have always dreamed of getting married on a barge, Paris and the banks of the Seine offer you this. Marrying on a boat has its charm: you are on the water, what could be more romantic?

In addition to being on a boat, you enjoy a real cruise on the water. Whether on the Seine in Paris or on another river, the barge is a perfect idea to organize an unforgettable wedding, both for the groom and the guest.

Choosing your provider for a houseboat wedding

When the question really arises of organizing your wedding reception on a barge, you have to find the right provider. You must then choose the place, the river, the riverside that will suit you, the possibilities for receiving your wedding, etc.

But on what criteria to choose a provider for your houseboat wedding? First you need to know how long you want to rent a boat and how. Some providers offer the cruise , others only the wedding reception on a barge at dock (non-mobile).

In order to make your houseboat wedding a truly successful event, feel free to play word of mouth and ask what others think of it. Feedback from each other can be valuable in making your choice of barge rental provider. Providers of this type of service are generally professional. They are accustomed to providing the best services to the bride and groom.

Wedding on barge: which boat to choose?

You know you want to get married on a boat but you hesitate between, for example, a sailboat or a barge? The benefits are not the same and neither are the possibilities.

In order to properly choose the boat that will host your wedding reception, you need to have a good idea of how many guests you plan for your wedding. Among the boats that circulate on the rivers, you will have the choice between a fly boat, a sailboat, a yacht , a motor boat, a barge or a pleasure boat, for a small excursion.

The barge is very convenient in the sense that it allows to invite a certain number of guests, depending on the capacity of the boat. It should be noted that on some large rivers, boats can accommodate up to 350 people on a maximum of 200 m² . So do not limit yourself on your guests, but choose the boat of your wedding according to the expected number.

What to expect for your wedding on barge

If you are sure to make your wedding on a barge, it is important to anticipate all the elements to take into account.

Weather conditions

Space on a barge is not the same as in a wedding hall. At a classic wedding in a reception hall, guests can retreat into the hall if the weather conditions are unfavorable.

On a boat or on a barge, the space being limited, it is important to ensure that your wedding is organized on a barge preferably during the summer period .

What equipment is present on board?

The equipment on board the boat you have chosen for your wedding is essential. They allow you, by informing you upstream, to make the right choice. A professional provider will generally have everything planned on their boat for your wedding reception.

In order to get a good idea of what awaits you on your wedding day, it is strongly advised to visit the boat or barge concerned. Visit several barges if needed, to make your choice according to your aesthetic or other criteria. Everything you plan (meals, reception, dance, show, etc.) must be organisable.

A boat, it’s moving!

If you find thata houseboat wedding is perhaps more romantic , remember that some guests may not necessarily find it their taste. Depending on the nature of the boat, guests may not stand on board. You have to anticipate this kind of criterion.

Be aware that a barge is a boat much more stable than a sailboat for example. Due to its bilge bottom and configuration, the barge is perfect for hosting a wedding reception.

How to arrange his wedding reception on a barge?

Before you imagine your wedding reception on houseboat, there are many things to anticipate:

  • Meals: which menu can be planned?
  • Is a caterer associated with the houseboat rental provider?
  • Is the kitchen of the barge enough for the number of your guests?
  • Professional provider: how many servers can be made available?
  • How long does the cruise take, if you don’t stay on the dock?
  • Sound system: is everything planned for your evening or is everything to organize?
  • Will anyone be responsible for organizing the reception and evening events?
  • Heating and air conditioning: you never know…
  • The barge or boat is it well to safety standards ?
  • All benefits must be included in the contract offered to the bride and groom.

A “professional” barge or rather less sought after?

By making your choice to make your wedding on a barge, you will quickly meet 2 types of providers. Between a special wedding barge and a more family barge , the choice will have to be made. The number of guests and the services will play on your choice.

The aesthetics and space proposed will also be decisive. To make sure you spend an unforgettable time while pampering your guests, don’t forget to weigh the pros and cons of each of your choices. Review the above questions and eliminate proposals one by one based on your criteria and requirements. You will soon come across the barge of your dreams. The price and the Budget that you can put in your wedding on houseboat will also be one of the important criteria to consider.

In any case, we wish you a wonderful wedding on barge!