How to fix a hard drive?

An external hard drive on which we keep all of our data can be damaged. Failure, technical fault, mishandling or wrongful connection… How to recover data from damaged hard drive? We tell you everything in our article.

External hard drive damaged: what to do?

It First of all, it is necessary to differentiate the external hard drive from the internal hard drive of the computer. An external hard drive contains a huge amount of data and can be roamed. The internal hard drive is built into the computer. It is less fragile than an external hard drive because it is not constantly transported.

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Depending on the nature of the files and data you have decided to store, it can be really annoying that an external hard drive is completely inaccessible.

Your data and files on hard drive

The external hard drive is often connected to a laptop by a cable. This cable is used to transfer data and read data. If the hard drive is damaged, it means that the data and files present and burned to your hard drive are out of reach.

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Music, vacation family photos, personal files, work, etc. We can feel like it’s our whole life that collapses when a hard drive drops us . Don’t panic, solutions exist for data recovery.

The classic problems of a hard drive

First of all, let’s see together what are the classic problems encountered with a hard drive. The hard drive may have been mishandled or shaken, it may have taken moisture and have fake contact, be too old or have been unfortunately locked…

In any case, you are faced with one of the following problems:

  • Your external hard drive will no longer boot;
  • The external hard drive does not give any signs of operation;
  • The external hard drive is damaged by a fall and does not give access to data and files;
  • The external hard drive is locked;
  • Windows does not recognize the external hard drive;
  • The hard drive is not detected in the BIOS of your computer;

Depending on the case, some areas may be damaged, but the problem is Windows. Sometimes, repairing these areas helps to avoid losing data and managing data recovery from files on external hard drive well.

How to recover his data on a hard drive?

Restoring data and files on an external hard drive or USB stick can be a real mission, but remains quite common.

If you have any problem with your hard drive, most importantly, do not touch it yourself and do not assume that your data and files are lost . It is better to proud your external hard drive to a specialized repairman.

In theory, the files and data present on the hard drive are not corrupted. Only access to the hard drive is impossible. By repairing this access and restoring the proper functionality of the various areas of the external hard drive, one can recover its data and files. Restoring this data may take some time depending on the amount of files and data to be recovered from the external hard drive, and the nature of the failure.

Damaged sectors on an external hard drive

Is your storage space inaccessible? Sometimes it is enough to repair the damaged sectors of the external hard drive. Some data may be lost if these areas are too damaged and marked as defective by the operating system.

To repair bad sectors on Windows, you have the choice of using a data. These software specializes in data and file recovery, and can support damaged hard drives.

Damaged sectors can either be removed using software or simply with Windows, which has a native tool .

Repair damaged hard drive sector with Windows tool

On Windows 10 or 8.1, here’s how to repair your hard drive and try to restore your data and files. Your computer has a partition that can be repaired:

  • Open the file explorer and click on “This computer”;
  • Right-click and select Properties;
  • Then go to Tools, then Check.
  • A window opens, and you have the choice: click on “Repair the device”. Wait and review the result
  • ; Click Scan and repair the device;
  • You can then choose to repair the files on your hard drive.

If you are on Mac OS or Linux, specific backup and recovery methods are to follow. We strongly advise you to use a specialized Mac OS and Linux repairman if you are in this case. These operating systems are indeed very complex and it is better to rely on a professional so as not to make irreparable mistakes.

What signs are indicators that your hard drive will drop?

Some signs can tell a lot about the working status of an external hard drive. An unusual noise during startup, when writing and reading files and data, is one.

If you have messages repeatedly when accessing your data and files, alarm yourself and start making backups if you haven’t already done so. If the system takes a relatively long time to access data and files on your external hard drive, the drive may also be damaged.

If your Windows system warns you from time to time about reading data from your external hard drive, or if it always offers formatting , it’s time to alarm you.

Opt for software to recover data from a hard drive

If you choose to use software to try to recover your data and files on an external hard drive, you should be aware that there are very powerful ones.

Among them, Stellar Phoenix or EaseUS Partition Master, Parted Magic (Linux) and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. All of the software have very well done tutorials to guide you through the process of data and file recovery .

How to properly back up your data?

Today, before an external hard drive lets you go, there are several solutions to avoid losing all of its data. Regular backup of your data is part of this. This backup can be done in various ways:

  • On external hard drive (USB device);
  • On Time Capsule (Mac OS)
  • Cloud or Cloud storage;
  • Burning CDs and DVDs is done less and less.
  • RNA method;

Don’t forget to transfer your data and files to a new, new hard drive in good condition, or any other means of backup.

Data recovery tools worked fine? Once you have found a hard drive Operational with the right storage capacity and good performance, you can copy your data and files securely.

Data is essential: anticipate and do not be surprised by a damaged hard drive.