How to enlarge an attic room?

Update March 2020: 8 cool ideas!

Landscaping the mansard roof space: easy or not?

Landscaping an attic is a good way to save space in a house. It sometimes even doubles the living space, which is far from negligible.

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In general, a secondary bedroom or office is provided in this space. Only here, it is not always obvious to project itself when the space is only floor and glass wool! For this reason we offer here some ideas of attic rooms that should certainly stimulate your inspiration.

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Seen on Pinterest. How do you like dormitory under the roofs?

Determining parameter for carrying out a chamber Pleasant sloping ceilings: brightnessSeen on Pinterest. A bench in the recess to occupy the space lost by the roof descent. . As much it must be maximum because the volumes under the roofs darken the room, so its orientation must be well thought out. For example, it is better to punctuate the room from several incoming light sources than to have a single large window positioned in the middle of the roof. Light should be soft and diffused for a bedroom, discreet but effective. In some cases. In this case, do not forget about roof window blinds in order to modulate the luminous flux according to the time of day.

Seen on Pinterest. After the attic bedroom, the attic bathroom, open to the rest of the living room

The room under the attic can turn out to be a very interesting idea for a teenager, a young couple or just for a guest room. Here we give off an extra room, and beautiful in size in addition since the average size of a room under the top is 16m2 versus 11m2 for a classic room in a houseSeen on Pinterest. A full-length bedroom with cleverly positioned windows to bring maximum light. . Many possibilities of development are available to you and we suggest you to discover some here.

Source: seen on To save space we will also think of the loft bed.. How to arrange an attic room?

as we were telling you a little above, it is not always easy to set up a room under the attic . For this we give you some tips always good to take and to any type of space under mansard roof:

Structure Volumes:

The problem with attics is that they are usually very long and not cloisoned. The visual effect is not very pleasant because it feels like you are in a very long room, but also very narrow.

To avoid “swimming” in so much space, we advise you to paint the walls located on the cross width in a color lighter or darker than those of the length. If the room is large enough, you can also place a partition in the middle of the room (through a palette wall for example), this will break the volumes of the room.

Attic Room #1 — A bedroom under roof and white paneling

Attic Room #2 — Existing beams in this attic room with roof windowsSource: seen on

Source: seen on Give style to the ceiling under roof

Most attics have an inclined ceiling on either side of the room. If you have the means to insert a velux or a roof window, this will allow you to bring additional brightness into the bedroom.

If your attic space is limited (- 12m2) You can also give character and volume by painting the ceiling in the same color as your walls. Indeed, this trick will allow you to enlarge the room in trompe l’oeil. This is usually the main concern encountered when setting up a room under the attic.

Attic Room #3 — A uniform color on all the walls of the bedroom to make the room bigger than it seems.

Attic room #4 —Source: seen on Installation of roof windows was mandatory here due to the large floor space in this attic room

Source: seen on Choose the right furniture size

One may tend to forget about it, but choosing the right type of furniture is paramount in an attic room. Thus for the arrangement of an attic room we will make sure to optimize every M2 of a room as best as possible. In particular, attention will be made to respect the dimensional proportions of each piece of furniture in relation to its immediate environment but also the overall appearance of the room. For example, we will prefer storage units such as sloped cupboards that will integrate without forcing into the space lost in the roof descent.

Make up for low light by..

This is most certainly the biggest weakness of a room under the attic. Indeed, it lacks a supply of light that is often absent or less significant than in a classic room integrated into the habitat from the start.

To prevent the room from getting too dark, it is important to choose a paint color in the semitones. Indeed, too dark color will not bring the necessary brightness, while too light color could appear too aggressive (if it is not “diffuse”) due to the low light present in the bedroom.

This room with no roof windows compensates for by powerful booster lampsSource: seen on

The rustic theme is most certainly the most sought after for the rooms arranged under the atticSource: seen on . The association of wood from the beams with your furniture of any style should create a very design effect.

When the roof slopes are very inclined, paint the space white so as not to “suffocate” the room further

Source: seen on A parquet floor here in Scandinavian style Think about the layout of the walls

In an attic room , the space between the ceiling and the small walls is often lost. However, it is a great place to insert functional furniture. They will be used to store many items without losing too much space in the bedroom.

Source: seen on It can be seen in this room that furniture was installed near the walls in order to save maximum space on the “standing” space, symbolized by the Carrez law and which indicates that any space less than 1.8m is not considered a truly living area. On the wall in width, a higher cabinet can be provided for even more storage.

What color for an attic type room? Source: seen on

The choice of colors is just as important as the brightness in a room under the roof. If the room is small enough, between 9M2 and 15M2, we will make sure to choose light tones to enlarge the space visually. Another trick, the ceiling. We can give it a fresh shot by ironing a layer of white or beige to give a nice depth to the room. Beyond 25M2, that is to say a large room, we can indulge in almost all Fantasy with colors, patterns and textures, while still avoiding very dark colors such as anthracite and black.

For example, attention will be given to the natural elements of a room such as the exposed beams by painting them in a different colour than that of the roof slope. Another possibility is to keep them in their raw state to bring out all their nobility and warmth.

Layout of a bedroom under roof style chalet!

A beautiful combination of wood and white in this attic roomSource: seen on

Source: seen on Pull the Light Sources

If you are lucky enough to have a light source from your attic, we advise you to take full advantage of it party. Indeed, as this is the biggest weak point of this kind of rooms, the light is very paramount.

You can place the bed close to the window to enjoy a beautiful view of the outside. It can also be a solution to sleep under the stars…

To compensate for the lack of light, we also recommend the addition of several side lamps or sconces, which will allow you to bring even more character to your room.

Source: seen on The exposed beams for a unique charm

A small room with sloping ceilings in a very practical waySource: seen on

An attic room under roof Scandinavian accentsSource: seen on

A modern rooftop bedroom with roof windowsSource: seen on

Source: seen on

Source: seen on

Source: seen on

Source: seen on

A room (very) attic but whose volumes are perfectly exploitedSource: seen on

Source: seen on

Source: seen on

Source: seen on A pretty coffee table in pallet on wheels and two beds also made with wooden pallets.

Source: seen on

Source: seen on