How to dress well?

In the series “How to dress for…”, here is a topic that should please the shopping addicts that we are a little bit… Beware, here I’m not talking about the little shopping trip during the lunch break, but rather about the good big day shopping to make the sales for example… So how to dress effectively to do some shopping? Because this question deserves to be asked! How to be on top of efficiency while staying stylish? Here are some tips and tricks!

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How to dress for shopping

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It will depend greatly on the season.

“Live my life as a shopper”, no need to tell you that shopping is easier in summer than in winter, when you just take off your flip flops rather than boots, socks, a woolen coat in an overheated cabin!

Of course, too, we prefer an outfit Comfortable.

It’s the b-a-ba.

We all have in mind this unbearable vision of the girl who pulls big bags on the pavers with her stiletto heels (yes it was already the same at the airport, in this article!).

We will therefore opt for flat shoes or shoes with small heels.

You will also be able to equip yourself with a beautiful shopping bag or a tote in which you will slip your purchases.

For the practical side, you can carry a small shoulder bag with your wallet and survival kit.

Needless to say, the CB is THE indispensable accessory. Yes it’s true, it’s even better when it’s your darling’s 😉.

Then only wear clothes that are easy and quick to put on and off.

And the must: basics that will fit easily with the pieces you’re going to try!

How to dress for shopping ?

It depends on the season of course!

Dress up for shopping in winter

Lookastic Here are boyfriend jeans, a small sweater, a coat and Converse, all in neutral colors. we forget the pouch that will not be practical.

Forget the skirt and the dress.

Because who says skirt or dress says tights, with the risk of spinning them out and taking them off.

In mid-season and winter, we will therefore opt for the trousers or for his cousin the leggings (fleece in winter).

If you prefer trousers, avoid skinny if it is harder to put on and prefer the boyfriend (or regular jeans if it’s more your style), it will go faster.

For the top, drop the shirt that you need to unbutton and put on the blouse or on a small fine cashmere and silk sweater for example, or on a sweatshirt or a small sweater with a round neck.

Drop your big sweater Irish shops are often overheated.

Archzine Simple and effective outfit consisting of destroyed boyfriend jeans, a long blazer, slip-on and a (beautiful) shoulder bag.

You are a rebel and you don’t care about Cristina Cordula’s opinion: you can opt for leggings.

I’m not against leggings, it’s ultra comfortable, but only on the condition that you do not see the crotch.

So we prefer the ups quite long and to balance the volumes we will choose them rather large and especially not close to the body.

You can wear your leggings with a fairly long woolen maxi sweater or a long unbuttoned tunic or shirt worn on a long t-shirt or cardigan and a long t-shirt too.

Personally, I love leather leggings that are top in winter because they keep warm!

Pinterest* Leather or faux leather leggings and wholesale Loose sweater worn with boots in a black monochrome. The leopard bag comes to bring peps. Prefer a more convenient shoulder bag.

In both cases, you will be able to wear sneakers, Converse, slippers, flat boots like chelsea boots for example, rock boots or when it’s cold rider boots or UGG fur boots.

Drop derbies and brothelieu or lace-up rangers.

Depending on the outside temperature, you wear a leather jacket, a blazer, or a 3/4 coat that will go with many pieces.

If you’re tall, you can bet on the long coat too.

And of course we do not forget the maxi scarf that will keep warm outside and that can be slipped into the shopping bag inside the shops.

Lookastic Well dress for shopping. Here is an outfit with boyfriend jeans, sneakers, a coat long.

Slip in your shopping bag a pair of opaque tights for your dressings and skirts, because trying them bare legs will not give an idea on the actual rendering since you will necessarily wear them with tights.

Pinterest* Here is a leggings worn with a loose t-shirt, a big knit cardigan and Converse

Here are some examples of “mid-season” and “winter” shopping outfits

  • boyfriend jeans fine sweater close to the body leather perfecto sneakers or Converse
  • boyfriend jeans blouse 3/4 coat low heel boots
  • boyfriend jeans camisole leather jacket slippers
  • boyfriend jeans loose t-shirt blazer sneakers
  • leggings wool maxi sweater boyfriend coat sneakers or Converse
  • leggings maxi wool sweater ball neck 3/4 straight coat boots type UGG
  • leggings t-shirt long shirt rock boots straight coat
  • 3/4 leggings t-shirt big long cardigan rock boots


Boyfriend jeans, loose t-shirt, blazer and sneakers for a nice casual chic look.

Instyle Combines leather leggings, sneakers, a loose t-shirt and a wool coat. The yellow and grey knit scarf adds some pep’s to the outfit. Long live the big shopping bag ;-).

In summer

Pinterest*A pretty printed belted dress, slip-on, a shoulder bag, here is a simple and successful outfit.

Dressing up for shopping in the summer is much easier!

Prefers the dress to the skirt.

You’ll only have one coin to remove!

But forget the dress with the zipper in the back that will be a nameless galley to open and close alone in your cabin.

Very important, if you opt for the dress, don’t forget to slip a little Loose white t-shirt in your bag for fitting skirts and trousers and a pair of socks to try on “closed” shoes.

Sincerely Jules The pretty Julie wears a lace up dress with sneakers and a (pretty) shoulder bag. Perfect outfit for shopper

If you’re not trendy dresses, opt for a boyfriend or chino or a chic jogging and a blouse, loose t-shirt or tank top a bit loose depending on the temperature.

You can also wear shorts that will be more suitable if it is very hot!

In different cases, you can wear Converse, slippers, or flat sandals for maximum comfort.

If you want to stay stylish, do not create an outfit consisting only of casual pieces, always mix with a feminine piece and add jewelry (not too fragile and rather necklaces or rings than bracelets and earrings that you risk losing more easily during fittings).

Here are some examples of “summer” shopping outfits

  • belted shirt dress Converse
  • dress wallet sandals
  • boyfriend jeans tank top small flat heel sandals
  • chino close-fitting tank top small flat heel sandals
  • Chic jogging denim shirt with rolled up sleeves small flat heel sandals

Pinterest*Dress, leather biker jacket and sneakers.

Popsugarrobe t-shirt and sneakers, a very effective minimalist outfit. Adds a nice lipstick and a bib necklace.

Sincerely Jules Julie wears a dress, cardigan and sneakers.Another outfit that will suit well for your shopping days.

Lookastic Destroy Boyfriend Jeans, Loose T-Shirt, Blazer and Converse

Here’s it! Now you have some ideas for getting dressed with comfort and style during your shopping days!

What is your favorite outfit for shopping? Do you think about the practical side when you dress for shopping?

You can tell me all this in comment!



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