How to dress up his kitchen? Ideas for a modern kitchen

A kitchen is a central room in the family fireplace. Want a new kitchen? To relook the kitchen of your home or apartment, you will need to think about furniture, color, paint, work, tile, countertop, etc. Follow our little tips and decor ideas for the renovation of your kitchen .

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  • Redo your kitchen: make-up furniture, floor and countertop
    • Modern kitchen: makeover a room and make it modern Modern
    • materials
  • Dreshaping your kitchen: the art of detail
    • Kitchen renovation: treat yourself

Redo his kitchen: makeover furniture, floor and countertop

Are you planning to redo everything in your kitchen? Kitchens are pieces that deserve all our attention when you get a makeover. Of course, it is necessary to aesthetics, but above all functional in kitchens. Furniture and its arrangement must be functional at all points.

Breaking everything to relook kitchens involves asking the right questions at the right time. You need to think about your budget first. From your budget are the makeover possibilities and the price you can allocate to the renovation of the room and your work.

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Modern kitchen: makeover a room and make it modern

It is necessary to think about everything for the plan of your future kitchen. To modernize a room to renovate, we work out! Rethink spaces and amenities: today this friendly room has all its importance. We hide less and less, we show more and more the formerly private spaces: more reason for decorative ideas that resemble you .

Modernization work: if water inflows, electricity and gas do not change places, the task will already be facilitated for you. If, on the other hand, you plan to do big work and make your old kitchen functional and modern or even fully equipped, then the question of the choice of materials arises.

Opting for wood to replace an old ceramic tile worktop can be practical while adding a touch of beauty and modernity. Very aesthetically pleasing, wood fits better and better into the modern kitchen . Whether for the worktop or furniture and furniture, wood works, accepts paint easily but also treatments (food compatibility).

Modern materials

Modern materials can also admit plastics. It is up to you to choose based on your aesthetic sensitivities, but also your sensitivity to the environment. Indeed, some modern materials are more “clean” than others and deserve to be used.

Whether it is for the worktop, floor, splash, furniture, tile or even the quality of the paint: everything can be chosen responsibly , on a budget basis. Be aware that some materials have a significant ecological impact, and that you can very well relook your old kitchen in modern kitchen by limiting its impact on the planet.

For example, wood can be from eco-managed forests (label) while beautifying your new kitchen! The painting of the walls also benefits from eco-labels. The tiles can be handmade and local, to avoid the use of large international carriers, etc.

Your credence, too, can be made of steel, by a local craftsman. Thus, it is quite possible not to choose a kitchen kit .

Dreshaping your kitchen: art of detail

For your furniture, you can customize everything. From doors to handles to paint , indulge yourself in making your new kitchen.

Are you a little handyman and you like to chiny ? On the gardeners we find all kinds of lighting fixtures, door handles, credenza or cupboards. If you are motivated to make a modern and unique kitchen, do not hesitate to take the time to get here and there decorative tips that customize your new kitchen and your home.

Kitchen Renovation: Indulge yourself

Do your own decoration : are you looking for decor ideas because what you see seems too standardized? You can mount your modern kitchen from all rooms.

For example, with colored tile, in small touches, you can mount a splash. Play with contrasts . Rustic, modern… a colourful credenza, a clean tiled floor, a clear worktop in light and modern wood, wooden furniture doors painted and hand-worked, an enamelled sink found in flea market…

Feel free to take the time to choose the floor, so that it stands out in the house. You can repaint the walls of your kitchen with your favorite color. The modern touch : repaint a single piece of wall in the room, to energize the space in colour. Pastel or lively, the colored walls in the kitchen bring conviviality!

Don’t forget about your work: for a good renovation of kitchens, you need aesthetics and functionality in this essential room.