How to dress a wooden wall?

Do you want to have a wooden wall at home? Dressing a wooden wall can be done in many ways. Depending on your decor desires, you can opt for various styles of warm wall dressing for your wall. We give you some decorative ideas for your future wooden wall.

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  • Redecorating and dressing a wooden wall Wood wall
  • : warmth at the rendezvous
  • The advantages of wood wall in a house
    • Dress up a wooden wall

Redecorate and dress up a wooden wall

Who has never dreamed of a hut or a chalet atmosphere at home? Wood is a wall covering appreciated for the warm side it gives off. Compared to wallpaper or paint, dressing a rough wood wall has all its charm and does not require so much maintenance as it.

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Wood wall: warmth at the rendezvous

To create your modern interior decor, you don’t need to go to the all-wood. A wall panel can be enough to enhance a decor and an atmosphere . No more of the heaviness of the mountain chalet: for holidays it’s good, but on a daily basis, the all-wood (oak, pine or raw fir, for example) can quickly be too much.

An interior decoration should breathe, so you are advised to choose a single wall in a room or room, and dress it with wood. For dressing a wall with wood, several criteria should be taken into account:

  • The brightness of the room;
  • The wood essence you will choose: dark wood, light wood?
  • The protection you intend to put on your wooden wall: varnish, stain, raw, paint, colour?
  • The function of the room: games room, living room, relaxing veranda, etc.?
  • Which wall of the room can you dress with wood?

The advantages of the wooden wall in a house

A wooden wall inevitably catches the eye. The wood gives off a warmth and a natural atmosphere that soothes. It sometimes also gives off a pleasant smell. Wood has many advantages in a house. He will age with the house, skate, live and evolve. This natural material gives a personality to your home decor.

Among the wall coverings, wood is in the top 3: to create your warm wall and interior decor with a wooden base, there are several methods.

Dress up a wooden wall

To dress your wooden wall, you have several solutions:

  • Raw wood wall : less kitsch than varnished wood or too clean paneling. To you old boards, recovery pallets, blades or wooden panels, without overdoing it. Combine with contemporary materials such as stainless steel, concrete or cement.
  • Recycled or composite wood wall : this wood decoration is often found in cafes. Cheap, quick to install and warm! Dare to different thicknesses and essences, asymmetrical geometric assemblies, have fun for a unique wood design and decoration.
  • Wooden wall in parquet : diverting the codes makes it possible to make a unique and modern wall pan. Assemble your rafter wooden slats with old parquet, guaranteed design result.
  • Dice, scales, diamonds : the wood decoration can be done with meticulous too, for a contemporary and luxurious look. Dare small wood, to make scales, diamonds, dice assembled on a wall panel.
  • Wood rough worksite/OSB/chipboard : to be combined with clean wall panels, for the contrast of the design!
  • Classic or modern paneling : wall paneling is not escaped, but without overdose. Revisit the paneling by laying battens. Indoors, this usually outdoor decor will make a sensation. Play on the heights of paneling and dare design!

Your wooden walls deserve your creativity : good works!