How to domicilate your business?

When you set up a company and when you register your business, it is mandatory to domicilate your business. Corporate domiciliation is a simple process to do: we explain how to make your business domicilier.

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  • What is corporate direct debit
  • The various possibilities of direct debit
    • The direct debit company: what is it?
    • Domicilizing the business with the manager
    • Domicilier a company in a third party company
  • Why succumb to this business domiciliation?

What is corporate domiciliation

Corporate domiciliation is a solution that can be chosen if you do not wish to use the other means of installing your company. The “domicile” of a business means that the address provided will be the registered office of your company. The company can very well carry out its business, especially if it grows, at addresses other than the head office.

In addition, a company with its head office in Paris may very well carry on business abroad.

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All correspondence relating to the business and administration of your company must be sent to the registered office, i.e. to the official address of business and administrative management of the company and of the company’s domiciliation.

The various possibilities of corporate domiciliation

You have three corporate domiciliation solutions . For your company and head office, you can:

  • to domicilate your business with a direct debit company
  • make your business at the head of the company
  • have the company domiciled in a third party company.

Regardless of the solution chosen, the company will have a legal registered office.

The direct debit company: what is it?

A domiciliation company has a specific activity. It provides a legal, administrative and legal address to companies in a professional capacity. Your company must be registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) or the Trade Directory (RM) to be able to carry on its professional activity and have a registered office domiciled by a domiciliation company

How to have your business domiciled by a direct debit company ? A direct debit agreement is concluded. In this contract, the terms and conditions of authorisation and domiciliation: its duration, its price, its services, nature of the premises, etc.

The domiciliation company undertakes to make available to its client services and premises that enable him to:

  • maintain mandatory documents and records
  • benefit from necessary confidentiality
  • hold a meeting between the various administrative actors of the company

Domicilizing the company with the manager

Your business may well be domiciled at your home, that is, at your personal home . In order to proceed in this way, it is necessary to:

  • be the owner of the place
  • be occupying premises: rules apply.

As an executive officer of the company, if you are not the owner of the premises but are rented, you are required to inform officially by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt the owner of the premises. You must also specify in your mail that the domiciliation of your company is temporary.

Namely : it is illegal to domiciled a business with a partner or shareholder of the business. Only the manager can accommodate the domiciliation at his home. Moreover, the fact of domicilating your business with you does not implicitly give you the right to carry on its activity (in particular the reception of customers or the storage of goods).

If you are a tenant, check your lease to make sure there is no clause that prevents you from domiciling your business with you, the manager.

Domicilier a business in a third party company

You can set up your company’s head office and/or offices within another company. Again, as for the a domiciliation company, an official contract will have to be concluded, unless it is a direct subsidiary of the company.

Good to know when you have your company domiciled:

At the establishment of the company, you may be asked for a certificate of domiciliation.

Are you an entrepreneur and you have decided to domicilate your business? Be aware that you are liable for the corporate contribution to land (CFE), despite the absence of occupied space. You will have to pay the mandatory minimum amount of CFE each year (except for the first calendar year of activity). Bets are launched: it’s up to you to play!

Why succumb to this corporate domiciliation?

Whether it is for executives or even a self-entrepreneur, it is essential to have a head office. The latter is often domiciled at home for a ease problem, but it is better to act differently, this avoids you inconvenience. As a result, Digidom’s corporate debit services will be perfect since you can consider a transfer from your head office.

  • You can choose the post office box as soon as your business is created to save time and practicality.
  • You save almost 3 hours a day by delegating all the most laborious tasks.
  • You often benefit from a prestigious business address, this allows you to communicate with employees.
  • Guests are often reassured when the premises are ideally located.
  • Corporate domiciliation is easy to set up, just fill out the form and it only takes two minutes.

You will then be able to choose the solution best suited to your professional situation, but this allows also to enjoy quality premises. These will be ideal to receive your colleagues without the constraints of a commercial lease. It is often very expensive and given the price you ask for a corporate domiciliation, you will clearly not be disappointed. Indeed, it is necessary to provide less than 20 euros per month for the first tier compared to nearly 120 euros for the fourth, which also highlights an accounting expertise. Thanks to this one, you will be able to envision the future with the utmost serenity.

It is enough to take into account the reviews left by customers to see that they live up to all expectations. Indeed, you will be able to quickly set up this debit and see all the advantages. Of these, you have the financial aspect, but also practicality and time saving.