How to delay menstruation?

How do you do when you want to delay menstruation? Your cycle does not suit you and you want to adjust your rules by delaying or advancing them? Be aware that this is possible, including being prescribed hormone therapy. The pill remains the best known and effective way to delay menstruation. That said, this treatment is to be followed seriously and without fantasy.

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  • Delaying menstruation and adjusting your cycle
  • Delaying menstruation: hormone therapy
    • Delaying menstruation without birth control pill in place
    • Extend taking the pill to delay menstruation Hormonal
  • patch and hormonal ring

Delaying rules and adjusting your cycle

Sometimes it is very useful for a woman to “stall” or shift her hormonal cycle, for for various and varied reasons. Methods exist: these methods usually involve the use of a contraceptive of a hormonal nature, such as the pill. The pill is known to make life easier for many women who tolerate it well.

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It is better to talk to con doctor before attempting any “lag” of rules by hormonal method. Indeed, the use of the birth control pill is not a game and can have serious consequences for women’s health. Delaying or delaying your menstrual cycle is easy and risk-free, but it involves understanding your menstrual cycle and the use of the pill.

Delaying menstruation: hormonal treatment

There are several cases available to you, depending on the situation in which you are in.

Delaying its rules without contraceptive pill in place

If you do not have hormone/contraception therapy : Ask your doctor to prescribe the pill. If you have to go on a trip and you don’t want to bother with your period, it may be interesting to start hormone therapy with the pill 2 months before you travel.

You can also ask for a pill called progestogen . Taking it about a week before the hypothetical start of your period, it will be possible to delay them for 2 to 3 weeks in the best case.

Extend taking the pill to delay menstruation

If you are already taking the pill : taking the classic pill (pack of 21 pills ) involves leaving a latency of one week to cause artificial menstruation. Beginning directly the next platelet of your pill, you prevent the onset of menstruation.

Please note that it is not recommended to follow this procedure on more than 3 birth control pill platelets. The body needs to regulate itself naturally despite creating an artificial cycle with the birth control pill. You should therefore be aware that you may see some bleeding , which should not worry if they are not abundant.

If you are taking a pill “placebo” with the pack of 28 pills (7 of which are placebo), do not take the last pills. Proceed directly to the next platelet, containing hormone pills.

The biphasic or triphasic pill : this pill is complex. It is advisable to seek advice from a doctor before taking an initiative that could turn out to be disturbing to the body. The rules and taking the pill is not a game. We give you advice here, but it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor or gynecologist for more information.

The hormonal patch and the hormonal ring

Deciding to wear a hormonal patch longer than expected, and without removing the patch during the latency week, it is possible to delay his menstruation byone to two weeks .

The hormonal ring, meanwhile, allows to delay or advance its rules. Obviously, it is not his primary purpose, which is to prevent pregnancy. Delaying menstruation with a hormonal ring involves removing the ring after the 3rd week , to your habit, but moving directly to the next ring, without doing depause.