How to decorate a living room table?

What to put on his coffee table? You can practically choose between an infinite number of possibilities. Perfect decorations vary depending on the type and material of the table, the style of the room, the colors and objects present in the current space. You will undoubtedly be surprised by the large number of possibilities for deco coffee table. And the decoration of the table is an excellent customization of your space. A nice coffee table decoration attracts attention right away and quickly becomes the focal point of the living room. You can add color, shapes and textures and you don’t necessarily need a lot of money or luxury items to get into the game. This type of decoration is accessible, easily changeable and makes you want to trigger your creativity. A vase, a flower pot, some enigmatic candles, lanterns or small decorative statuettes — these are the ordinary solutions. But if you decide to exceed the standards, you could discover an inspiring art and learn how to decorate the coffee table like a pro.

Deco Scandinavian coffee table with graceful and attractive objects

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Avoid focusing on a single decorative object. Do not even attach to some kind of accessories. The secret is hidden in marriage and the accumulation of various objects that will form an attractive amalgam of shapes and materials. Here there are no rules, you can combine wood and glass, objects made of natural fiber and stones, flower pots with metal or mineral trinkets. Left alone in their place, sculptures, vases and candles, even the most sophisticated, give the space a static and boring look. Here are some variants of combining materials and colors to achieve beautiful contrasts:

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  • put glass vases or jars filled with flowers or small decorative items on the wooden table. The strength of the furniture will be softened and accomplished by any kind of transparent object
  • Arrange wooden pieces or other authentic copper-coloured material on the white table — this is one of the methods of Scandinavian decoration. The colourful little tricks will put a gorgeous accent to your white table
  • put pretty porcelain vases on silver or other bright metal trays to break the monotony if the table is white. Glass and crystal combine very well with porcelain
  • create a monochrome coffee table decoration using books in black and white for example. If the table is white or black, you are promised that it is an irreproachable strategy. Complete with vases and other monochrome range objects

Catch attention by creating a deco coffee table of different


Choose the decoration according to the style of your table.

  • Put on the soft ottoman a metal tray — gold, copper or silver, and fill it with intriguing objects — bouquet of flowers, decorative balls, candles. It’s good to swing each coffee table decor with a few touches of organic objects
  • If your table has several details and ornaments, bet on a simple yet stylish decoration. A sculpture and a vase with bouquet of identical flowers will be a perfect decoration. It’s even better if you find two identical sculptures of different size. Repeating objects creates a harmonic space that makes a difference
  • Tables with statement bases are themselves a subtle decoration that gives a graphic touch to the interior. What you put on top should be simple so as not to divert attention from the focal point of the interior that will undoubtedly be the base
  • If you have a two-level coffee table, use it also for practical purposes. You can create a storage of items you will need every day, which will be a nice exhibition at the same time. Put both interesting trays, your favorite books or those that are of colors that fit into the context. Pretty distinctive color boxes or organic material trays are a good idea for the bottom of the table
  • Do you have a table made of natural material such as wood or marble and you want to create a Zen and authentic decoration? Install on the tray vases made of stone, granite or other organic material. Scatter objects made of wood, cardboard, or paper. If you want, you can decorate marine themed by stacking shells, starfish and arranging driftwood sticks and dry flowers. Do not forget about seasonal decorations. With them you will have a little natural spirit corner in the heart of your home

A deco coffee table with vases, wooden box and books

If your interior allows, put two identical small tables close to each other. Play with sizes and layouts. Nesting tables, arranged parallel, in length or even under diagonal, they will put to space a touch of symmetry that is always enriching. Now you can get inspired by the pretty ideas in photos that follow.

Combine different textures and materials to achieve a harmonious blend of objects

Living room in light gray and beige range and a fantastic round table

Shapes, colors, materials and style — all that is right for our senses

Magical seasonal decoration with few items

Make your table light with finishes and flames

Original design coffee table with simple but pretty decoration

Minimalist table decoration with a nice touch of pink

The wooden panel can house many decorative objects

Symmetrical decoration with two vases


Nesting tables beautifully decorated in a Scandinavian living room with natural touches

Decoration of marine objects and books on a natural wood table on the glass top

Stylish and sleek living room decor

Keys of yellow in a white living room

Unpublished decoration on a square coffee table

Combination of materials Unique in a modern living room

How to lay a vase on the ottoman

Welcoming room with large light wooden table

Ethnic living room with characteristic objects

Le blanc et le cuivré – deux couleurs qui se marient à merveille

Table en bois brut et grand vase transparent

Objets turquoises sur une table en bois

Sobriété et couleurs pastels

Joli mariage de bois et gris