How to create a playlist to put it on a USB stick?

Looking for how to download and record music to your USB stick? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. You will find all the answers you are looking for after reading this post. From now on, recording music on your USB media will no longer have a secret for you.

The more space your key has, the more music you record

You should know that the maximum amount of music tracks you can record on your key depends essentially on the storage capacity of the mobile media. On the market there are several sizes of them, usually ranging from 1 GB to 128 GB . Therefore, the number of songs you can put on your key is not the same depending on whether the key is low or high capacity. You also need to take into account the compression ratio of the music you want to download.

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There are several compression ratios that allow to achieve a certain amount of storage space, at the expense of sound quality. Thus, it can happen that the storage size of a music is doubled depending on the compression ratio that is chosen.

Recording a song on your USB flash drive

If you download your music online, you need to connect your USB stick to the computer. Typically, a folder will open containing the files of the USB stick. If not, go open your key in your devices and drives . All you have to do is download the music and choose the key as the place where the downloaded music is received.

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If you just want to do file export, you just need to copy and paste music from your computer to the mobile media of your USB stick.

Here is a video titled “How to put MP3 music on a USB stick?” which shows you how to do:

How to make the ideal playlist?

You have followed our tutorial step by step and now you know how to put an MP3 music file on your USB stick. However, there is still an essential question: where to find music “for free”? For this, you have several options:

  • If you agree to listen to music, with interruptions from time to time by advertisements, then you are spoilt for choice: Deezer, Spotify and even YouTube. They allow you to listen to your favorite artists. The problem is that to take advantage of it, you must have an internet connection and a big Data plan.
  • If you can buy the titles on the platforms like iTunes or the Fnac, then it takes a hell of a budget and really like the artist to buy albums. It is difficult today to do so, if you want to create a playlist for a party with friends.
  • The third solution is less legal, but obviously much more economical. Simply search for the tracks on YouTube and use a youtube mp3 converter. Then do a copy and paste link and click convert to get an MP3 file of the selected video.

As you see, it’s almost as simple as putting music on your USB stick.