How to create a chatbot for free?

Chatbots were quickly adopted by both companies and users who see them as a real added value. If you want to create a chatbot even without any knowledge of the code, I invite you to discover these tools. If you are looking for a live chat for your site instead, read our article about the best live chat software.

1. Botsify

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Simply one of the best chatbot creation tool on the market with a simple and efficient interface. You can program your Facebook Messenger chatbot without using a single line of code!

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You also benefit from several interesting options such as usage statistics and a drag and drop solution for creating response scenarios.

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2. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is clearly the other heavyweight in the field of creating chatbot for Facebook Messenger. With a very intuitive interface, you also have the ability to create an “avatar” to strengthen the relationship with people using your chatbot. The logic of FAQ in the form of a chatbot is also facilitated and will be able to meet the needs of users easily.

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3. Chatty People

Chatty People is also a tool to create a chatbot, with the ability to add targeted offers and above all a whole series of statistics in dedicated dashboards.

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The strength of lies in its interface which is very intuitive and allows you to set up response scenarios very easily. The other advantage of this solution, if you have some programming knowledge, you will be able to customize the elements of your choice easily with the built-in editor.

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5. Surveybot

Surveybot, as its name suggests, allows you to create a survey chatbot directly in Facebook Messenger. Depending on your domain and your needs, this can be a very interesting way to better understand the needs and expectations of your users through a new kind of survey!

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6. Crisp

Featuring a no-code builder that allows anyone to build chatbots, the solution provides a whole set of solutions to improve customer service. The icing on the cake? With a single scenario, your chatbot will respond on Messenger, WhatsApp, Live Chat, Telegram, Line or SMS. So many channels managed from a single interface. A real increase in productivity brought by this French company, based in Nantes.