How to create a chat bot?

Creating a Chat Bot on Facebook Messenger can have many interests for businesses. How is it possible to create one quickly? Without developing knowledge? The ChatFuel tool presented here will allow you to do so.

In April 2016, we presented on LEPTIDIGITAL the arrival of the Messenger ChatBots, a new way to automatically engage in conversation with Facebook users while providing advice and information with real added value at any time of day or night.

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If Messenger is already hosting more than 11,000 different chatbots on its app right now, the number of these new kind wizards is expected to grow rapidly in the coming months as their creation becomes easier and easier with the appearance of many tools to help them deploy.

Why Create a Messenger Chatbot ?

A ChatBot Messenger can have many interests:

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  • Automatically answer frequently asked questions while redirecting to the company site
  • Start a discussion , at any time of the day or night, on which the community manager can then bounce back
  • The user does not need to download an additional application , the functionality or service developed through the chatbot is directly accessible on his phone, so he will be more likely to use it

5 examples of chat bots to create on Messenger:

  • Chat bots for news sites : depending on the interests of a user, the chatbot will be able to send, by private message to the Internet user, the links of articles that correspond to its areas of interest. For example, the user can configure the frequency of reception if they wish to receive each day or weekly for example.News bot — Sends personalized breaking news or specific stories from a specific website, every day, in a private messenger message.
  • A chatbot that sends price alerts : in the case of an e-commerce site or comparator, this feature can be very interesting to complete a sale. The chat bot allows the user in this specific case to configure his price alert with many options. When the price goes down to the user’s criteria, the chatbot sends him a message with a link. For example, Ebay has implemented this system.
  • A chatbot to help Internet users choose a gift : very useful during periods like Christmas or on the occasion of Father’s or Mother’s Day, it is possible to create a chat bot that will be able to suggest to a user gift ideas according to many criteria sent by the user (prices, interests,…).
  • A chat bot to learn about a movie and book a movie place : it is possible to create a Messenger chat bot that automatically gives access to all the information about a particular movie, its broadcast schedules or even the cinemas available to watch it. For example, this chat bot was created by Fandango.
  • A chat bot to send photos to print : chat bots allow users and bots to send photos (no GIFs at the moment), so it is perfectly conceivable to create a chat bot that will automatically print photos selected by a user from the gallery of their smartphone.

Example of a chat bot Messenger directed by TechCrunch

You can find a more exhaustive one here.

What tool to create your first chat bot?

The tool we offer to test to make your first chatbot on Messenger is ChatFuel. This completely free tool is an online assistant to creating a Messenger chatbot .

Tutorial: How to develop a Messenger chat bot quickly?

This 12-minute video tutorial will introduce you to the different possibilities and features offered by the ChatFuel platform and especially how to use them to get the ChatBot Messenger that does what you want!

To go further and visit the Facebook help page, it’s here.

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