How to choose your scooter correctly ?

The scooter is a two-wheeled means of transport in the same way as the motorcycle. However, it is easier to drive because you just need to use the handles to brake and accelerate. So it’s the two-wheeler you need if you don’t want to worry about constantly changing the motorcycle’s speeds. To make the choice of a scooter, many parameters need to be taken into account. The choice of your scooter is based on different models , motorization and customization options.

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The different types of scooters available on the market

There are mainly four types of scooters: 125 flat floor scooter, maxi-scooter, electric scooter, three-wheeled scooter and four-wheel scooter.

· The 125 flat floor scooter

It is one of the scooters suitable for everyday use both in the countryside and in the city. It has a useful pocket for putting a bottle of water as well as a storage box under the seat for storing helmet and other belongings. Generally equipped with an injection, this flat floor two-wheeler consumes from 2.5 litres per 100Km.

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· The Maxi-Scooter

This scooter is a larger model that has a large displacement with equivalent power. The maxi-scooter is indeed a two-wheeler that guarantees better protection against cold and rain. It is suitable for urban travel. It is therefore a very practical machine for everyday use. The most powerful model on the market is the Aprilia SRV with 850 Cm3 that can reach a maximum speed of 200 km/h.

· The electric scooter

Available since the 2000s, this model is equipped with an electric motor powered by batteries. Quite widespread in Asia, electric scooters are struggling to generate enthusiasm among motorcyclists from the West.

· The three-wheeled scooter

Can be pendulum or not reclining, this three-wheeled machine can have two wheels either at the front or rear. The presence of the two wheels at the front increases grip while the presence of the two wheels at the rear helps maintain the straightness of the aircraft.

· The four-wheeled scooter

New model launched by the Swiss brand Quadro, it has four reclining wheels . It is a car with an upper gauge of the front wheel is 460 mm so that the two rear wheels are considered unique.

Which motorization for which scooter?

The engine determines the model of scooters you can drive according to your license.

  • If you hold a Road Safety Certificate and the Road Safety School Certificate, you can drive a 50 cm3.
  • If you hold a two-year B licence, you can drive scooters with a displacement of 125 cm 3 or less. Three-wheeled scooters with a capacity of 50 cm3 with a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a curb weight of less than 1000 kilos can also suit you.
  • If you are licensed A, you can drive a maxi-scooter.

Customization options for your scooter

In addition to the storage trunk under the seat, you can consider other options such as:

  • an apron for rain protection ,
  • a phone socket,
  • heating handles
  • as well as a windshield to cope with the elements

A very affordable price for your scooter insurance

This is a contract essential that you do not have to set aside since it will have an impact on compensation for example. As a result, you have to go to since it will allow you to quickly find the contract best suited to your frequency of use, your profile and your daily needs.

  • In terms of price, there is no need to get into debt for this scooter insurance since it is very pleasant and affordable.
  • You will have two formulas, the first one allows you to enjoy protection to the third party with in particular an option for assistance.
  • It is necessary to plan around 19 euros per month for a scooter of 50 cc.
  • If you want an intermediate formula with the guarantee against theft and fire, the price increases to 32 euros per month.
  • Don’t forget to take into account the kilometers you will tend to achieve over the course of weeks.

It is best to take advantage of the best guarantees especially for your scooter insurance, because you are not immune from an accident. If you intend to go out regularly, it is better to adopt an all-inclusive solution as soon as possible. This allows you to be protected in all configurations whether or not you are responsible for this accident. Otherwise, you may not have financial support or compensation if you are responsible for a damage to your scooter. For example, during a maneuver in your garage, the body is scratched and the aesthetics are tainted. In this case, you cannot benefit from this scooter insurance since you are a third party. This is a difference not to be overlooked, because you could actually ride in the best conditions. Feel free to compare all the formulas on the Internet in order to target only the one that will meet your most precise expectations.