How to choose your pool cover?

Whether you just want to maintain the water temperature, wintering or ensure the safety of the pool to avoid possible drowning, it is essential to have an underground pool cover adapted to your needs. For this, three main types exist: the insulated, the secure ones, and those suitable for the winter. Each with variants. A detailed review is therefore necessary, in order to know how to properly cover the buried pool .

Insulated pool cover to maintain water temperature

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Traditional or geothermal, an isothermal pool cover has the main function of helping maintain water temperature. This is commonly referred to as a bubble tarpaulin. Unfolded every night over the entire basin, it reduces heat loss observed at night. From -1° to -2° versus -4° to -5° if the pool remained uncovered. This type of cover also protects the water from external dirt (leaves, dust…), but partially to the extent that the bubble cover usually only occurs at night. Moreover, an insulated pool cover is by no means a safety system meeting MFN 90-308 standard. It does not protect against drowning and may, on the contrary, pose a danger to young children who might believe this is a “floor” that can be walked on.

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Translucent, the bubble tarpaulin allows, when laid during the day, to increase the water temperature from 2° to 5°. This is interesting for a swimming pool located in a sparsely sunny area, in addition to a heat pump in particular. If we use it correctly, the insulated pool cover can then reduce the water heating time by half .

If it is opaque , its action will then be to limit photosynthesis, hence the proliferation of algae. This type of pool cover is preferred in warm areas, as it allows to limit the use of water treatments.

Regardless of the model, an insulated pool cover is usually arranged on a manual reel. On the price side, this is the most affordable range .

Safety blankets to combine the advantages

In addition to protecting against external aggression, maintaining water temperature and avoiding evaporation, pool safety blankets have the main advantage of avoiding the risk of drowning . To make sure, a only reference: the equipment must be MFN 90-308.

3 types of model exist: roller shutter, immersed shutter, and bar cover. Each with its specifics.

The roller shutter. It is the entry level of safety covers. Made of PVC blades, relatively easy to open and close, it rolls automatically or manually. This is above-ground equipment, some models of which work with solar energy, and therefore do not require electrical connection.

The submerged shutter , even more aesthetic, is almost invisible, once fully opened. More expensive than its cousin the above-ground roller shutter, this type of pool cover must, for hulls, be anticipated as soon as the pool is built. And this, in order to be able to provide a model where this component is adaptable. Once you own the Swimming pool model suitable hull, installation of the immersed roller shutter can be done a posteriori. You will be able to shift the investment over time. Finally, be aware that this type of blanket is always electrically operated.

The bar pool covers, the right compromise. Between the classic cover and the insulated cover, the bar pool cover represents a good compromise. It also complies with the safety standard NFP 90-308. The one also called 4-season blanket is cheaper than a roller shutter. But less convenient, if you want to use it daily. You can also use this type of blanket when wintering your pool. Once fixed to the ground by hooks, it protects the water from dirt, photosynthesis and keeps the water at a certain temperature.

Its polyethylene PVC canvas coated with a treatment Anti-UV, reinforced by anodized aluminum bars, makes it a very solid equipment. A manual or electric reel system allows it to be manipulated.

Easier, winter pool cover for wintering

Opaque or filter, made of PVC coated canvas with anti-UV treatment, the winter pool cover does not have reinforcement bars. However, once fixed to the ground by rivets, it meets the safety standard NFP 90-308 . But be careful, it is by no means strong enough to withstand that we walk on it!

This pool blanket is not designed to be removed daily. You will only use it when wintering your pool. You will install it in the fall and do not remove it until spring.

The advice of the specialist

Remember that the water in your pool must be Ventilated daily so that chlorine can evaporate and not fall back into the pool, resulting in overproduction of chlorine harmful to the pool coating. If the pool is covered during the day, it will be necessary to adjust the filtration to limit this chlorine production that attacks the gelcoat or liner coating of the basin but also the pool curbbbins in the case of bar covers or pool shelters.

Find all the systems to cover your pool in your AQUAPOLIS store.

And remember that your AQUAPOLIS technician will always be good advice to help you choose the model that best suits your desires. He can even travel home to take the coasts of your pond, to have tailor-made equipment.