How to choose snow socks?

Are you planning to buy snow socks for your car? What exactly are snow socks and what are they used for? Is there a difference between snow chains and snow socks? We tell you everything about snow socks: follow our tips to choose them right here.

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  • Snow socks: what is it, what is it?
  • The difference between chains and snow socks
  • How do snow socks work?
  • The advantage of snow socks on chains
    • Snow socks: simplicity of installation
    • Your controlled budget with adaptable snow socks
    • Totally legal and reliable equipment
  • How to choose your snow socks right?

Snow socks: what is it, what ?

Snow socks have appeared in the trade in recent years in addition to snow chains. Given the name, one can think that snow socks are made for the feet. In reality, here we are talking about snow socks for vehicle tires .

In winter, when you plan to go to winter sports or simply when snow arrives at home, a vehicle can be easily immobilized if its tires are not well equipped.

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The snow socks for vehicle tires have been developed to help you deal with any weather eventuality. But what role do snow socks for vehicle tires play? Compared to classic tire chains, what is the added value of snow socks? The editorial helps you choose your snow socks.

The difference between chains and snow socks

Snow socks are different from snow chains. Chains are equipment that are made of metal. Chains are placed on the vehicle’s tires, just like snow socks. The efficiency of snow chains is not to be dismantled. However, it is important to compare what is comparable.

Snow socks are not used under the same conditions as tyre chains. Chains can be used when you have a light layer of snow on your roads. Snow socks are powerful and are a great alternative if you haven’t equipped yourself with snow tires.

Snow socks are equipment that will get you out of a bad pass during a harsh winter. Is the snow coming? By equipping your vehicle’s tires with snow socks, you stay in security and you are able to take the road while remaining vigilant .

How do snow socks work?

Snow socks are equipment that work very simply. They are an excellent alternative to snow chains and are increasingly performing. Snow socks, however, have their limit compared to snow chains: they are to be used when riding on a slightly snowy road.

Just like a chained tire, the principle of textile snow sock is to cover the tires of your vehicle so that you can travel on the roads in the middle of winter without fear of slipping. Thanks to their grip system , you prevent the vehicle from decentering from the road. Because safety is a key criterion on the road, snow socks are excellent alternatives for Protect your vehicle.

Snow socks have impeccable handling efficiency under certain conditions of use, just like snow chains. They are usually made of a mesh structure that prevents tire skidding . In case of frost or snowfall, they promise you driving comfort and safety.

The Advantage of Snow Socks on Chains

The main advantage of snow socks on snow chains are obvious. The price of snow socks is quite affordable compared to the price of snow chains.

Moreover, you have a tough maneuverability when compared with snow chains. The snow socks are also compatible with any ABS and ESP system thanks to their grip and the technology developed for your safety . Major tire brands such as Michelin have developed high performance snow socks. So you have the assurance of a reliable and efficient product.

Snow socks: simplicity of installation

The other advantage of snow socks is to keep your wheels from slipping on the road in a very simple way. Snow socks are much simpler to install than snow chains for tires. Your vehicle is stabilized in no time and you avoid spending time under the snow installing your tire protectors.

Caution is always at the appointment, whether you decide to install snow socks or snow chains on your vehicle. However, the advantage of snow socks is also to fully match the shapes of your tires. No need to be a handyman or to know how to handle chains: snow socks are installed in a matter of minutes on any type of tires.

Your budget controlled with adaptable snow socks

Because it is not easy to put a budget in snow chains or snow tires upon the arrival of winter and snow, snow socks are great alternatives.

You do not have to choose a specific size as snow socks fit any type of car tires. In addition, snow socks are also adaptable to summer tires , making it a considerable asset. Temperatures start to descend and you continue to ride safely on the roads.

Totally legal and reliable equipment

Snow socks are equipment that are allowed by regulations. However, you need to be careful that your snow socks fit into a Approval system .

If snow socks are good alternatives, you should know that they will wear out faster than chains. If you are forced to travel for a short period of time during a snowy winter, then snow socks are the perfect tire equipment for you.

How to choose your snow socks correctly?

Have you decided to equip your vehicle with snow socks this winter? We help you choose your snow socks well thanks to our selection criteria :

  • Check the approval of your snow socks
  • Inquire about your snow socks: the various product reviews may be useful on the net before making your purchase;
  • Choose your snow socks according to the use you will make of them;
  • Your tires must be in good condition before installing snow socks;
  • Check the presence of a non-slip (grip) system that meets the requirements of the B26 panel (Order of 18 July 1985);
  • Check for compatibility with your vehicle tires before any purchase;
  • Also check the degree of grip on the snow, according to your needs: turn to snow chains if you think this device is insufficient;
  • Check compatibility with your vehicle in terms of ABS and ESP system;
  • Finally, you just have to choose the brand according to your budget snow socks.

For the same performance in case of a slight snowfall, snow socks give you the ride you expect for your safety. Protect your tires efficiently and cheaper with snow socks Michelin, Easysocks, Autosock, Car2top, Ototop or Isse. Brands offer various models of snow socks in terms of aesthetics.