How to choose a parasol?

For your terrace, garden or balcony, you want to buy a parasol? There are several types of umbrellas, for different uses. How to choose your umbrella to have an effective protection quad comes the sun? Depending on what criteria can you choose a parasol? Fixation, material, strength, aesthetics, location… We explain everything in the following article.

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  • different types of umbrellas
    • The right umbrella: garden, beach or swimming pool
    • The remote parasol: terrace or garden
    • The balcony umbrella: ideal for small spaces
  • Choosing your parasol: the criteria to remember

The different types of umbrellas

There are three types of umbrellas in the large family of umbrellas for use on the balcony, terrace or garden:

  • The parasol
  • law The deported parasol
  • The balcony umbrella

These umbrellas can be made of canvas or similar and resistant materials. We detail these three families of umbrellas to help you make your choice according to your needs but also your desires.

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The right parasol: garden, beach or pool

The right parasol is the best known parasols. It was, moreover, following the invention of this parasol model that the fashion of umbrellas developed.

The right parasol is classic, and can be found in all shapes, colors and many sizes. Individual, family or large scale… The right umbrella is available in mini or XXL format in the commercial. this allows it to adapt to many situations and to all your needs. The right parasol remains a transportable parasol (depending on its size). Larger models are up to 4 meters wingspan or diameter (round umbrella).

The peculiarity of the right parasol is to be able to slip into the center of a garden table or plant by the edge of a pool to provide you with effective protection against the sun’s rays.

The right parasol is a type of parasol that is not as modular as the remote umbrella, but remains very practical and sturdy.

The remote parasol: terrace or garden

The remote parasol is also called eccentric parasol. It has the peculiarity of offering you excellent protection against the sun while reserving you a space of choice. Its remote mast allows you to settle in and enjoy your terrace or garden in a group, without being bothered by its mast and its mounting system.

A remote parasol has an articulated arm that can be rotary. The parasol canvas can be moved depending on the position of the sun and your desires. The base of the parasol does not move, only the canvas can be pushed, lifted, lowered according to your desires.

A remote parasol is extremely easy to handle , contrary to popular ideas. If, on the other hand, the remote parasol is very large, it will be less easily handled than a smaller and upright parasol.

Deported umbrellas are usually more expensive than their right counterpart, since it is more convenient, heavy, solid and clever. If you choose a large remote parasol, be aware that the canvas can be square or rectangular , and you have the opportunity to choose models of crank umbrellas, for the practicality of the system. On the terrace or in the middle of the garden, your remote parasol offers you comfort, protection and space.

The balcony umbrella: ideal for small spaces

The balcony umbrella, as the name suggests, is ideal for a balcony, regardless of the size of your balcony . Balcony umbrellas can be found in small and large models to meet all requests.

The plus : its fastening system is really ingenious, which makes the peculiarity of the balcony umbrella. The configuration of a balcony umbrella is peculiar. When cramped, you especially need a parasol that will fit your balcony and will provide you with perfect protection from the sun’s rays.

This parasol has a fixing pole that allows the parasol to be stretched from floor to ceiling. Other systems exist to allow you to attach your umbrella to bars, a railing, or simply to a table.

Choosing your parasol: the criteria to remember

To properly choose your parasol, you have the choice of several eliminatory criteria that will help you:

  • Location: terrace, garden, balcony?
  • Shape: round, square, rectangular?
  • The umbrella canvas: polyester canvas? Acrylic canvas?
  • The weight of the canvas: thick = resistant
  • UV protection: protection can range from UPF 10 to UPF 50 (optimal protection)
  • The material of the mast: wood, aluminum?
  • Wind resistance: windproof bar? Decompression chimney system?
  • Practical settings of your parasol: crank? Pusher? Pulley?
  • The base or foot of your umbrella: usually sold separately, it plays an essential role.

The best umbrellas will be the ones that will be best suited to the location, environment and your needs. In In addition to your parasol, you will have useful and practical accessories that will help you: protective cover for parasol canvas, fixing clamp, umbrella tiles… Everything is possible, to guarantee you the best protection against the sun’s rays in summer.

We strongly advise you to take stock of your real needs before choosing your umbrella. Indeed, sometimes a parasol chosen for its aesthetics may be inconsistent with the location reserved for it. Enjoy your garden, terrace and balcony in complete serenity by reflecting on all the criteria that have offered you in the business.