How to become a professional car driver ?

The car driver or car runner is the profession of driving a motor vehicle during a race or competition. It is a dream that you racing enthusiasts can realize when you provide a lot of effort, endurance and courage. But, how can you become a professional car driver ? Answer elements in the lines to follow!

Do workouts over several years

order for you to reach a professional level in this profession, it is recommended to do several workouts. That said, from an early age, that is, at the age of 07, you can take goes to a competition. Said competition allows you to be subjected to the wheel of a Karting In for a mastery of the basics. Indeed, it will allow you not only to have impeccable techniques, but also extend your circle of relationships while having indispensable contacts. Also, you need to know that Karting will give you the opportunity to enjoy other opportunities.

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As a result, it would be wise for you to do a pilot internship near Paris in a training centre or in private single-seater teams. There, with a minimum of luck, you will be able to be identified by a manufacturer or F1 team. When you are noticed by one of these, you will now be able to sign your very first contract and exercise the job of your life.

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Have the right qualities

The professional car rider must be endowed with certain fundamental qualities that will enable him to assert his professionalism. Among other things, you need to know how to manage your stress or keep your cool against situations and need to have good reflexes. Then you need to stay focused to avoid the least gap so as not to lose your race. You must also know on your fingertips the safety rules. In addition, you must be over 16 years of age to drive on the track and you must be licensed for road events.

In addition, you must obtain the license issued by the French Federation of Automobile Sport. This centre has been recognized for its good training of future pilots, instructor suitors and mechanics since 1993. Finally, you need to be in solidarity, because a pilot never works alone. That is, you need to blend into any the team.

Get to know the disciplines that drive you to become a professional pilot

Here you have the opportunity to become a rally driver or a GT driver. When you take your stance on a career as a rally driver, you must first have a driver’s license. Following this, you will now be able to participate in the training. But it would be important for you to have lived in Karting. They will help you know the basics of driving, because there is no question of pushing the speed to its maximum. However, when it comes to the GT driver , those are the automakers who choose you as the official driver. Thus, you will have the chance to participate in championships such as WEC, EMS or LeBlancpain.