How to be on Google Map?

Google Maps is an online mapping service accessible to the public for free. Created by Google, it allows people to locate or locate a specific location . The application is available on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Using Google Map, you can, from the scale of a country, zoom on an entire street . With fixed shots, you get a detailed view of an alley for example. The service offers you two types of panorama: in a classic plan, with street names, neighborhood, city and satellite image, which today covers the whole world.

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Now the question is: how to make your company appear on Google Maps? The answer in a few lines.

Why be well referenced on Google?

91.5% of French research on the Google search engine. Indeed, more and more individuals and professionals prefer it in their research, compared to traditional tools such as kompass and yellow pages. Whether it’s to find a company, an agency, a service or a business, they use it. Aware of this, Google today offers an application that offers users localized results, it is Google map

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The advantage of being on Google Maps is to appear at the top of Google results; especially on keywords sensitive to a notion of geolocation; example: agency, company, company, restaurant, hairdresser, lawyer etc…

With this app, you also get a personal business card, which is easy to edit and update. Using Google Maps is a great way to make yourself known. in your region or city, find regional customers, and be on the front page of Google’s results .

What to do to be seen on Google Maps

To integrate Google Maps, you must first go through Google My Business. The latter allows any company or association, whatever it may be, to create a single business record. The card is the passport that allows the company to be located on Google and Google Maps.

Your business card must necessarily include: a title, a description, an address, images, videos as well as practical information such as your opening and closing times. In order to prove to Google that you are not an impostor and thus avoid false declarations, you will receive a code by post or text message, at the address or number of telephone entered in your card. Once this code is entered and validated, your card will appear in the map results of Google Maps .

Visitors can rate you and leave comments. The positivity of your ratings and reviews improves your ranking at the scale of appearance on the canvas. So feel free to encourage your customers to give their opinion on your business.

Tips for your local SEO

For a good visibility of your business on Google, here are some practical tips that will help you get a better SEO on Google Map .

  • Log in, put your name in the title of your activity.
  • Give a detailed description and be sure to note your main activities and your city.
  • Add a few photos of your establishment to make Internet users want to know more.
  • Put the information that may be searched at the bottom of your card.
  • Choose at least 3 categories , preferably using standard topics. Test the queries on Google by adding your location to see if maps appear and if your competitors appear on them. Use first of all words people are looking for.
  • Try posting articles or ads regularly on Google .
  • Enable your customers or simple visitors to give feedback , this is very important.
  • Consider putting a link to your website , if you have any.