How to arrange a rectangular living room dining room?

Get a deco living room dining room that is not just pretty, but, in addition to it will be functional, it’s not very easy. It is very popular to have a space that will be used as a living room, dining room and sometimes as a kitchen. The layout and decoration of such a space raises different questions. How to do everything in one room, how to associate the corner with the dining table and the one with the cozy living room? Indeed, the answer is quite simple — we think functionality and minimalism. As for the colours — white and wood combine very well. Putting accents to a warm or pastel color will improve the design of your room and help create the cheerful atmosphere. Cool, isn’t it?

Another tip for the harmonic arrangement of your functional living room dining area is to choose all the furniture of the same style. Choosing industrial, bohemian or rustic style is modern. But Perhaps the best decision will be to choose the Scandinavian style that creates a cozy mood and focuses on practical minimalism. See the photos below this page for examples of good living room dining deco that can inspire you.

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Deco idea living room dining room Scandinavian style cozy and functional

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Having two mats separating the different spaces is a trick to use

A dining table behind the sofa — original idea deco living room dining

How to arrange the living room dining room — a functional apartment deco idea

The table Round is the best friend of the decor small apartment, just like the storage ladder

Choose to paint your living and dining room in yellow and blue? Yeah, it’s a nice jumpsuit

For people who love classics, decorate in white and black is perfect, just as in the photo below

Hygge corner in the living room dining room well decorated in wood and functional furniture

Modern Rectangular Living Room Dining Room Deco – Nice Functional Bedroom Decoration Idea

How to decorate the living room that is at the same time the dining room — an idea of Scandinavian design

Choosing furniture of the same style to properly associate the style of the living room with the style of the dining area

It is increasingly common to have an open space for the kitchen, dining room and living room

Modern kitchen interior that overlooks the dining room and living room Scandinavian style

Beautiful decoration living room dining room in cheerful colors — choose a stylish decor in yellow, green and orange

To create a cosy living room dining room decor, install a reading corner decorated in hygge style

Adorable kitchen and dining room in rustic style — idea how to decorate your apartment

The corner for the dining room can be very discreet and at the same time very functional.

Original idea how to use all the space — install a small library under the windows

Sometimes the space gives more options for a beautiful decoration, try to think about it for the specifications of your apartment

Enjoy even the things that pose problems for decor such as stairs, fireplaces

Cool Deco Living Room Dining Room Practical — Everything You Need In One Room

If you choose taupe, gray or white decor, consider adding a warm color as an accent