How to accessorize your outfit?

6 Accessories that enhance your looks

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Want to learn how to improve your style with well-chosen accessories? Know how to get stylish and accomplished outfits every time? Do you want to boost your style and break the too banal or too bland side of your outfits? Discover how to accessorize a woman’s outfit easily, thanks to these 6 accessories that will give you style!

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What is accessorization?

To accessorize an outfit, you will have different possibilities.

For example, you can wear:

  • Jewellery
  • A scarf or scarf
  • A belt
  • A handbag
  • Sunglasses…

The way you accessorize your outfits will depend above all on your personality and your degree of originality (Ebook “Finally Style — The Click” ).

In this guide, I explains how to choose accessories that match your personality (rather than copying others) so you never feel “too much” and uncomfortable.

Some like very showy XXL hoop earrings… others swear only by their wedding ring or their grandmother’s ring.

Some like very colorful scarves, others, cheches in neutral colors.

Some like unobtrusive handbags, others crack on luxury models. Whatever!

In any case, accessories are a great way to spice up each of your outfits .

Because they catch the eye.

So you can skilfully direct the eyes of others exactly where you want it by placing fairly flashy accessories, which we notice.

You can create a point of attention by choosing the accessories that look like you most, whether it’s Trendy pieces (like Goossens XXL jewellery or Céline’s butterfly sunglasses) or more classic accessories like a Hermes square — completely timeless.

Isabel Marant

Some accessories like scarf, sunglasses, handbag have a practical function and others like jewelry only a function of appearance.

But in any case, they will complete your outfit to give you a truly successful look.

It’s THE finishing touch of your outfits.

Do you want to accessorize a woman’s outfit easily?

Would you like to bring some pep’s to your everyday look?

Thanks to accessories, you can give character to even the simplest outfits.

In addition, they are a great investment because really timeless.

Accessories are THE key to boost your style and they have the huge advantage of suitable for ALL silhouettes and all ages.

How to accessorize a woman’s outfit?

The Little Lunemaker

As we have seen, an accessory can have a practical function:

  • Keep warm
  • Protect from the sun
  • Carrying stuff…

But, it also serves to catch the eye where you want it.

It creates a point of attention on your figure.

It is therefore necessary to place the accessories wisely.

We want to draw an eye to our assets rather than our complexes.

And that? You can get it by having these flashy accessories and lights exactly where you want the look to be worn.

Example: If you have an A-shaped figure, with thighs that you find too thick for your taste, but have a rather thin and delicate bust — then choose to draw your eye to your bust, with a beautiful choker necklace.

Or, if you kept a little belly after your 3 pregnancies and it complex you, avoid wearing a long necklace that will draw attention to your belly.

The second important thing is the dosage.

Each accessory must participate in the message of your outfit, and especially do not blur it, if you want a truly successful look. Often, we tend to add accessories that we like just because we love them.

But for every accessory you’re going to wear, always ask yourself whether or not it contributes to the message of your outfit.

We also avoid “overloading” the same area and we prefer to keep flashy accessories away for a matter of balance.

Are you asking what accessory is really essential to a women’s outfit ?

Here are 6 accessories that will boost your look every time !

These 6 accessories that enhance your look

Do you want to have a stylish woman look with ultra trendy fashion accessories?

You will be spoiled for choice:



Are you in the minimalist team that’s just wearing a watch because you have to have time?

Or you kiffed the accumulated jewelry and you don’t see yourself living without them:

  • Wristbands in accumulation
  • XXL Necklaces
  • Colorful earrings
  • Cocktail ring or gigantic signet ring

The jewellery hangs the light and give shine to your outfits.

If you have trouble with jewelry, start with a subtle jewel, such as small diamond studs, fine hoop earrings or a delicate pendant.

These classic pieces will suit a max of your outfits!

But be careful, they are not enough for themselves. If you leave on delicate jewellery, put the package on the other accessories (belt, scarf, sunglasses, etc.)

And if you like XXL jewelry, don’t deprive yourself.

They are a formidable weapon to draw a look at your assets.

Scarves & Scarves

The scarf is both a trendy accessory and a completely timeless piece.

Who does not dream of a sublime collection of Hermes squares that we would pass on from generation to generation?

You can wear your scarves in many different ways to get a “trendy” look:

  • You can wear it by making a sophisticated knot around the neck, or “cow boy way” by folding a pretty loose triangle that you pass around your neck.
  • The scarf will also be ideal for raising a ponytail or bun for a look that has character.
  • You can also tie it like a headband around your head for a glamorous hippie chic look
  • Or wear it tied to the handles of your bag or your raffia basket in the summer

Everything is allowed… just dare.

Whether it’s a cotton blend scarf, a cashmere scarf, or a square of silk (Hermes square style), pay close attention to the choice of color that should enhance your complexion.

A well-chosen and bright color will subtly emphasize your face.

Hair Accessories

To change the head without going through the hairdresser box, nothing like hair accessories:

  • Scarf
  • Headband
  • Scrunchie
  • Headband…

The hair accessory will be suitable for any haircut.

You can wear a headband with a short cut as well as with long hair.

These summer must-have will give character to your style, what whatever your age is.


Zoe’s Baubles

From the tote to the hand-held ultra glam pouch, there are bags for all occasions.

The one I advise you first of all is the mini-format bag.

Because it is a bag that will serve you on many occasions and will give a lot of style to your outfits.

For a quality bag that gives a stamp to your outfits, I recommend leather.

It will be a great investment, he’s gonna skate, you can keep it for years.

Which is not the case with synthetic that makes cheap quickly when the corners start to damage.

To choose the most suitable color, analyze your own wardrobe.

If it is mainly composed of pieces of neutral colors, go on a flashy bag that will give peps’!

On the other hand, if you already have a lot of strong pieces, you can opt for a neutral bag that will showcase them.

A leopard handbag is a great idea to accessorize a women’s outfit .



Whether you choose a belt:

  • Narrow, wide
  • Simple
  • Or with a beautiful jewel buckle…

She will contribute to the message of your outfit. That means we don’t just wear a belt for its main support function.

A belt is also (and above all) an accessory for a truly stylish woman’s outfit.

Its choice will depend on the result you want to achieve:

  • Do you want to bring a feminine touch? → choose a round or oval loop.
  • Do you want to wear a sexy outfit (with a more… masculine touch)? → opts for a square or rectangular loop.
  • And, to draw the eye, go on a showy loop: Shiny jewellery buckle, rhinestone, with logo (Gucci, Dior etc.)


Beyond their initial function of protecting your eyes, sunglasses are a great plus style of your summer outfits.

They are really interesting to accessorize a women’s outfit and to boost a banal look, in 2 seconds chrono.

You find different forms of them.

Each of them will give a different style to your outfit:

  • Round — for a cool baba look, hippie chic or smart
  • Ovals — for a glamorous yet relaxed touch
  • Square — for a slightly more serious side
  • Pilot or aviator style — timeless basics for an elegant and casual style

It ‘s up to you, the ones that fit you best, according to your style of dress you want to get.

Obviously, it will also be necessary to take into account the form of your face to choose the pair of sunglasses that will highlight you most.


You think it’s super stylish… but do you think you don’t have a head with hats?


We all have a hat head.

Provided you choose the right hat suitable for the shape of your face.

The shape of the hat should balance your face.

For example, if you have an angular face, you will instead go on a hat with a round shape that will bring softness.

Whereas if you have a round face and go on a round hat, you will further accentuate the feeling of roundness.

In your case, you will rather look to structure and create angles, with a hat like the Fedora, for example.

A hat is really an accessory that gives character to your look.

Take the time it takes to find the one that’s going to go to you.

A few tips to choose and wear accessories

Well-chosen accessories will give style — even an ultra-basic outfit.

They are timeless, you can wear them for years, making it a really great investment for your wardrobe.

Here are some additional tips to help you accessorize a woman’s outfit.

Choose a “signature” accessory


Choose one accessory you love and see how you can decline it in your looks every day.

It will become your signature of style — like Cristina Cordula’s hoop earrings

Uses accessories to transform an outfit

Do you have a dinner scheduled after work?

Accessories are an easy way to pimp your outfit (for example if you wear a chic woman’s outfit in the office).

Let’s admit you’re wearing your little black dress which is really a Super “Swiss Knife” for easy office outfits without a head grip.

In the evening, simply replace your little boots with minimalist heeled sandals and add pretty XXL earrings or a cocktail ring.

Here you are ready.

For that, it is important to have some accessories at home that we notice.

Beware of “passe-partout” accessories that, in the end, do not serve much.

Obviously, when you wear XXL jewelry or flashy accessories, we will skilfully dose so as not to look like a Christmas tree.

So if you want to learn how to accessorize a women’s outfit (without taking your head) and boost your style quickly, I invite you to download my ebook “Have Style — The Magic Touch” — a real gold mine to learn all these tricks, to have style every day.


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