How much does the A1 permit cost ?

Several driving licenses allow you to drive a motorcycle. Are you planning to pass the motorcycle license A1, A2, A or B1 ? You must provide a certain amount. Although the general rates for these permits are the same, the cost of the motorcycle licence may vary depending on your motorcycle school. Find out everything you need to know about this topic in this article.

Motorcycle license: which license for which motorcycle?

Before you know the cost of a motorcycle license, it is worth knowing which license is suitable for what kind of motorcycle . Know that:

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  • The A1 license will allow you to drive motorcycles with a maximum power of 11 kW and a maximum engine capacity of 125 cm3 ;
  • The A2 license will allow you to drive a motorcycle with or without side-car , with a power-to-weight ratio of less than 0.2 kW/kg and a power not exceeding 35 kW ;
  • Class A driver’s license allows you to drive a motorcycle with or without side-car with a power of less than 73.6 kW. This category also allows you to drive theengine q uadricycles up to 15 kW , andtricycles ;
  • Finally, obtaining a B license can also allow you to drive some motorcycles.

The cost of the motorcycle license: what does it include?

We would like to emphasize thatthere is no law governing the prices of motorcycle licences. Each motorcycle school can freely offer its fare. It may also choose whether or not to include other elements in its proposed motorcycle permit.

Depending on the motorcycle school of your choice, the cost of the motorcycle license may include:

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    • application fees;
    • The pedagogical brochure


  • > Road training;
  • Submission for review of the code;
  • Driving training (20 hours prescribed by law);
  • Evaluation of the driving test;
  • And the presentation to the motorcycle license .

Before choosing your motorcycle school, take the time to check everything that is included in their price.

On average, how much does a motorcycle license cost?

The price of this license will depend on the city in which you want to drive every day a motorcycle. Please note that prices in Paris and other major cities in France may be higher . A regional permit is more interesting. However, on average, the hourly cost of a motorcycle license is between 30 and 50 euros.

The majority of motorized schools offer packages, instead of talking on an hourly basis. On average, the cost of the packages is between 600 and 1,200 euros . This rate corresponds to a minimum of 20 hours, in accordance with the obligation of French legislation . Be aware that overtime lessons will increase the costof a motorcycle licence. We advise you to prepare well before taking the exams.

In any case, check the items included in these tariffs.

Choosing a motorcycle school: do not just look at the cost

It is obvious to opt for the motorcycle school offering a motorcycle license at the lowest price. However, you also need to consider other criteria , which can increase your expenses.

So do not forget to check also:

  • The opening hours of the motorcycle school;
  • Its proximity to your accommodation;
  • Drivingschool accreditation for driving legal training (do not hesitate to request their accreditation number);
  • The correct distribution of the 20 hours of driving lessons (12 hours of motorcycle traffic and 8 hours of set);
  • Good condition of motorcycles used for driving training;
  • Experimentation of trainers (you can get information about their experience and training);
  • And the maximum number of students for classes (circulation and plateau).

Do not hesitate to ask for the opinion of other people who have already studied in the motorcycle school that interests you.