How does a Messenger chatbot work?

There is a difference between sport and Facebook Messenger: The important thing is not just to participate! We’ll show you seven tips to make your chatbot or newsletter easier to find on Facebook!

With our seven tips, we make you uncollapsible on Facebook Messenger:

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  1. Decide for yourself! Already existing page or new Facebook page for your bot.
  2. Save your bot for the “discover” function
  3. Creates the call to action button “send a message”
  4. Uses URLs and Messenger Codes
  5. Make Facebook Messenger Ads
  6. Installs the Message-Us plugin
  7. Have your Messenger Service Evaluate

1.Already existing page or new page for the bot: How to proceed with the chatbot?

Depending on the main usage of your page (e.g. marketing or customer service purposes), it may be relevant to create a dedicated page to your chatbot. Our comparison shows you which model is best for you.

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A) Bot page

  • Advantages:
    • Support and Bot/Newsletter Broadcast questions do not mix
    • The laborious sorting of customer questions in Facebook post comments is not necessary, because there are no posts on the page of a bot
  • Disadvantages:
    • Bots are hard to find on Facebook, and even more so via the Facebook Messenger, where it is almost impossible
    • The fan base must be rebuilt from scratch, it is not possible to have a “verified” bot page, resulting in less trust, less relevance and more advertising costs
    • high


Pages receiving a lot of support questions should only run customer support chatbots on their main page. Campaigns and newsletter broadcasts via a separate (new) Facebook page.

B) Page already existing

  • Advantages:
    • Facebook evaluates the immediate responses of a chatbot as a high responsiveness. In combination with interactions in the Messenger of the Facebook page, this increases the organic reach of your posts, increasing the relevance
    • Fans can quickly be redirected to the bot via the call to action button
  • Disadvantages:
    • The mix of a bot, a chatbot and a Newsletter delivery service can quickly get confused for users as well as operators

Advice ? Facebook pages that have a marketing purpose and seek reach should put everything on the same page.

2. Don’t wait to be discovered, take the lead!

Under the “discover” option, bots, nearby locations or companies can be searched and found. “Discover” is structured according to categories, recent activities and recommended experiences.

Please note that each submission must be approved before appearing in “discover”. Please fill out the form of your bot correctly with appropriate descriptions and categories. You can change the form at any time in the page settings if the bot information needs to be refreshed.

Register your chatbot to Facebook “Discover”, here’s how to do this:

    • On your Facebook page, click -> “Setup”
    • In the left menu click -> “Messenger Platform”
    • Then change the “Discover section settings” to “show”


order for your bot to be accepted in “discover” In , it must be approved. The chances of being approved increase with the accuracy of the description and categorization of the bot. These can also be changed at any time in the page settings.

3. Use the call to action button “send message”

Make it easier for your fans to get in touch with you or your bot. You can do this with a call to action button on your Facebook page.

Here’s how to proceed:

  • Under the cover image of your page click on “ Add a button”
  • Then click on “contact you” then choose “send a message”

  • To finalize click “Finish” .

4. The Innovative Item: URLs and Messenger Codes

Do you use a website as well as advertising means such as flyers, posters, stickers, etc. to promote your business? Then you absolutely have to use Messenger codes and URLs. Creates, shares and integrates them wherever relevant. The code to scan and the URL directly open Facebook Messenger to allow you to chat with you or your bot.

Here’s how to find your Facebook Messenger code:

  • Display your Facebook page
  • Click -> Messages
  • Click on the tooltip ℹ symbol then download the Messenger code and share the

Here is your Messenger URL: username

Using the Messenger URL, you can create a “Click to Messenger Ad” (advertisement that directly redirects the user to Facebook Messenger) on Facebook. Compared to a classic ad, clicking on the Facebook ad doesn’t just open a conversation Messenger, but also displays a welcome message that you will have predefined. For more information about Click to Messenger Ads click here.

5. Closest to User: Facebook Messenger Ads

Since July 2017, companies can use Facebook Messenger as a full-fledged ad placement medium without merely relying on “Click to Messenger Ads” (see point 4). Pros: Targeting options are the same as for Facebook ads.

You can choose between two ad formats to promote your Messenger service:

Facebook Messenger Ads:

  • They appear on the Messenger home screen
  • No special requirements
  • Advantage: Your ad is displayed in the Facebook Messenger inbox. You reaches new users directly on Messenger.

Here’s how to reserve these advertising spaces:

  • Open Facebook Ad Manager or Power Editor
  • Select “Traffic” or “Conversion” as your objective
  • Create your ad and choose Facebook Messenger as your placement space
  • Choose “Carousel” or “Link Ad” as the format
  • The target of the link can be set as your website or directly the Messenger. The second option has the advantage of directly starting a dialogue with your users.
  • Prices and offers do not differ from the usual formats offered by Facebook.

Sponsored Posts:

  • They appear as direct messages in the box reception of users
  • It is only possible to contact users who have previously contacted your company
  • Advantage: Users who have already been in contact with you receive a direct message prompting them to start a conversation with you
  • Prerequisites: Create a personalized audience on Facebook Learn how to do this click here.

Enable Sponsored Message Ads:

  • Choose as the “conversions” objective
  • Choose the appropriate page then choose “Sponsored Message” in “Investments”
  • Facebook then automatically disables all other types of placements and prompts you to choose the personalized audience you are targeting.
  • As format choose a single image with text
  • For Messages Sponsored, billing is based on impressions. There are no other options.

To learn more about Sponsored Messages click here.

6. Access the chat with a simple click on a button: The “Message Us” plugin for your website

For those who want to promote their Messenger service on their website, this button with an authentic Facebook look is almost mandatory. With a simple click, the user arrives directly to the conversation with your service, whether on mobile or on a computer.

The plugin code is to be found here .

7. Amazon Hail You: Have Your Fans Review Your Messenger Service

Do you have a page dedicated to your communication by Messenger and is convinced of the quality of your service? So let your users evaluate it. (good) evaluations are a guarantee of quality and can help increase trust in, above all, bots that cannot benefit from a verified page.

Here’s how to activate ratings for your cat:

  • At the top of your page click -> “Setup”
  • In the left menu click -> “Edit Page”
  • Scroll down and click -> “add tab”
  • next to “evaluation” click -> “add tab”


As soon as you change some of the above settings, it is possible to quickly and cost-effectively optimize the promotion of your Facebook Messenger channel. In addition to the tools and tricks presented in this article, there are other possibilities for you to increase the engagement of your users. Want to know what other tools are available to you outside of the Facebook universe? So read our next blog post: 7 Tips for Customer Service by Messenger

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