How do you know if you’re pregnant by touching your belly ?

How to see a pregnant woman ? Easy, she’s got a big belly! Certainly, but before? Many women do not develop an imposing belly and rarely before the first trimester. How does the woman know she is pregnant ? And how can a third party know if a person is pregnant ?

It is undeniable that the signs of being pregnant are different for every woman, who do not all react in the same way when implanting the fetus into the womb. However, some pregnancy symptoms are particularly common and it may be helpful to know them in order to identify them and whether you are pregnant or not. How can a woman know if she is pregnant ? It takes a little time as it The first symptoms must appear, but there are several!

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Can we feel that we are Pregnant ? Yes! Indeed, most changes occur at the hormonal level, which has physical consequences that women can feel more or less. Pregnancysymptoms can help answer everyone’s question: “How do I know if I am pregnant ? If you are wondering how to know if I’m pregnant without a test, these 10 signs that we are pregnant are for you!

1. How do you know that you are pregnant through menstruation?

The absence of a rule around the expected date is one of the most well-known symptoms of pregnant women and most easily identifiable. In fact, the rules are used to evacuate the mucous membrane placed by the uterus in anticipation of the arrival of a possible embryo. When they do not go, it may be that a new one occupies the uterus, which then strengthens its comfortable Cocoon… how do you know you’re pregnant ? Whether or not the rules may already provide an answer.

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Knowing that you are pregnant , however, can not rely on this symptom alone, and you should not say “you are pregnant ” simply because you do not have your period or vice versa, settle for the presence of menstruation tofind out if you are not Pregnant . Indeed, some women continue to have menstruation even when they are pregnant, so some women are unawareof it, while others may spend several months without menstruation due to an irregular cycle or infertility. How do you know if you are pregnant thanks to the rules? Having your period and being pregnant, how do you know if that is the case, because it is not incompatible? Doing a pregnancy test is the best solution to repair. A clogged cervix, a cycle without ovulation, a deficiency of pituitary or ovarian hormones can distort the answer to the question “ how do you know if you are pregnant ?

Waiting for your next cycle seems too long? Fortunately, there are other symptoms indicating how to find out if you are pregnant before menstruation ! The signs that we are pregnant” are indeed numerous enough to put us on the track.

2.Can I know if I am pregnant because of nausea and vomiting?

Are you healthy and yet feel sick, especially in the morning, and even give in to some vomiting? These symptoms are one of those who tend to give a positive response when asked: “ Am I pregnant ? Nausea is sometimes accompanied by a special disgust for certain flavors and smells.

Nausea and vomiting usually end after the first trimester of pregnancy. This is a symptom of pregnancy about 1 week after sexual intercourse next to which you will not be able to pass if you are affected! However, nausea can last longer, but you will not wonder how do you know if a woman is pregnant!

3.How to know if you are pregnant: hypersensitive breasts

Growthing the breast is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy, although the change is first imperceptible. Changes in the breasts can cause pain similar to that experienced by some women as menstruation approaches. Heavy and tense, breasts help to know if you are pregnant without a test .

In some women, nipples can also become darker. How do I see we’re pregnant ? Stay attentive to your body, both in terms of feeling and visually. Answering the question “ how do you see that you are pregnant ” is always difficult, but once pregnant, the symptoms sometimes become obvious.

4. Desires and urges to urinate: how do you know if you are pregnant?

Eating and urinating are two commonly cited symptoms in pregnant women . Yet only the second is scientifically proven! When well implanted in the uterus, the embryo produces a human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which causes this frequent need to go to the toilet. If you are looking How to find out if you are pregnant without a pregnancy test, you may wonder how often you urinate every day…How do you know if you are pregnant is not always glamorous!

Side of the stomach, however, nothing to report, and cravings seem more related to a psychological phenomenon than a real indicator helping to answer the question: “ How to know when you are pregnant On the”!

5.How do you know if you are pregnant when you touch your stomach?

How do we know we’re pregnant ? The answer can be found in the sensations at the level of the stomach. In fact, the onset of pregnancy can be accompanied by digestive disorders, which are manifested by abdominal pain, for example, but also a swollen stomach and tense.

How to know if you are pregnant by touching your belly is done simply by affixing your hands, emphasizing bloating by simply pressing. Do not hope to feel the fetus yet, this pleasure will come only after a few months!

6. How to know if you are pregnant by taking your

How should I know that I am pregnant, when can I know if I am pregnant,am I pregnant temperature… These questions come back often? Take your temperature! It is then necessary to raise it every morning with a thermometer sensitive to the nearest tenth of a degree in order to draw a curve.

You see an increase that stabilizes for 14 days and does not recede? You can finally say, “ I’m pregnant ”! Temperature is indeed a reliable indicator of Pregnancy, which even indicates how to know when one became pregnant because it clearly shows the day of ovulation.

7.How to know if you are pregnant: a variety of small symptoms

There are many other signs that show that you are pregnant. Symptoms are very diverse and change from woman to woman. Every woman who has ever had a child will answer the question “ how do you know that you are pregnant” in the same way. Some may mention, for example, mood disorders, hyperemotionality, sleep disturbance or severe fatigue or acne return.

Pregnancy and its symptoms are peculiar to everyone. Hyperemotionality is often noticed by the entourage, who will not fail to know if it is Pregnant talking about you! You often thought about yourself: “ If I’m pregnant , I will finally have beautiful skin and beautiful hair”? There’s nothing to be sure!

8.More amazing signs of pregnancy

When you wonder how you know when you are pregnant, some symptoms naturally come to mind. Others, however, may surprise us, such as excess salivation, which can make you wipe your mouth or even spit out. An original way to find out if the woman is pregnant !

9. When do you know you’re pregnant?

How long do you have to wait and how do you know if you are pregnant after a report ? The first signs of being pregnant appear after only a few days. If you are wondering how to know you are pregnant while you just had a report, you will have to be patient.

Before taking the pregnancy test to have a clear heart, it is necessary to wait until the production of hormones is significant and detectable by the test, or about a week of delay in menstruation. However, looking at how to find out if one is pregnant in a week, it is only possible to rely on the symptoms of the pregnant woman, which may be insufficient. After the pregnancy test, it is better to have the result validated by a medical test (urinalysis or blood test). When to find out whether one is pregnant therefore depends on the method used, which can also be an ultrasound. A gynecologist then answers your question “ how to know if one can be pregnant ” by performing vaginal ultrasound.

10.I am pregnant: what to do?

Having wondered how to know if you are pregnant, the verdict fell and you are? It is then necessary to turn to a gynecologist, who will monitor pregnancy. Signs that one is pregnant will multiply and the appearance of a bouncing belly will soon allow everyone to know. If pregnancy is not desired, it is necessary to go to the hospital to make an appointment for an abortion. The legal period for this operation is 12 weeks, so how to know if I am pregnant quickly is important, as well as knowing the symptoms to determine whether you are pregnant or not as soon as possible.

How do you know that you are pregnant is a problem that concerns all women. When you dream of having a child, it is quite natural to wonder how you can know if you are pregnant. However, symptoms of early pregnancy should be confirmed by a medical test to validate pregnancy and confirm that you are not sick. How to find out if a woman is pregnant is a question that it is difficult to answer with great accuracy if you stick only to feeling, because thesigns when you are pregnant are varied and personal.

Is this your first pregnancy? Soon, you too will be able to explain to other women how we know we are pregnant, based on your own experience. A happiness in perspective and advice that we always share with pleasure! One day, your daughter may also ask you how to know that you are pregnant , and you will be glad to answer…