How do I stop Chubb European Group Limited withdrawals?

Have you looked at your accounts recently and noticed strange debits in recent months? Does the name Chubb European Group Limited mean nothing to you? There is an explanation for this. Find out which company is behind this name and how to stop these withdrawals.

What is Chubb European Group Limited file?

Has the name Chubb European Group Limited appear mysteriously on your bank statements for some time? Don’t panic, it’s not a scam. It is an insurance group that operates in more than 50 countries around the world and offers insurance in many areas. Until 2017, the group was called ACE European.

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Chubb European Group Limited: the reasons

If you notice levies from this company, you may have purchased one of its products, such as travel insurance, home, school or other insurance. Clients of his insurance may be natural or legal persons, companies, associations, associations…

Many people question the cause of these levies because they do not remember subscribing to one of these insurance. In fact, in many cases it is a mobile insurance purchased at the time of purchase of a smartphone from a telephone operator. This insurance is regularly offered in packages. Sometimes sellers get it to their customers in an insidious way, without them realizing it.

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At the time of signing the contract, make sure that the box for this warranty is not checked. You then have 15 days to withdraw and cancel the subscription. You must contact the store where you subscribed to the contract in order to terminate this option.

If you have taken out this insurance, whether voluntarily or not, you are hired for a minimum period of one year . This product guarantees your phone in case of theft, property damage or fraudulent communication.

Is it possible to get reimbursed for these deductions?

If you do not want your phone to be insured, you must wait for the minimum period of one year to terminate the contract and terminate the charges. You can also dispute that you were aware of the terms and conditions of sale when you subscribed to the telephone plan. Nevertheless, obtaining compensation or reimbursement of the debits will be much more complicated. You must contact CHUBB Group customer service and request an amicable resolution of the problem. If you are not able to obtain it, you can contact the French Insurance Federation or a consumer association to help you with the process.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Termination Fees no longer exist since the Châtel Law of 2005, which prohibits them. You won’t have to pay anything to terminate your contract.

Cancellation of your Chubb European Group Limited insurance policy: How do I proceed?

Termination after the expiration of the minimum period of one year

As with all contract terminations, you must send your request by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. You must wait for the date from which it is possible to terminate the contract. In your letter, you must explain your wish to terminate the contract and give a reason . You must attach to the letter a copy of valid ID and proof of residence if you have moved since the signing of the contract. Don’t forget to enter your contract number and mobile phone number attached to insurance contract. Debit will stop quickly after the mail is sent.

early termination

You can make a request for termination to be considered before the anniversary date of the contract. One month’s notice is required. You will need to provide a good reason for your inability to pay for insurance, such as a change in marital status. The CHUBB group should then ask you for supporting documents.

Opposite levies

Finally, you can ask your bank to oppose. Be careful with this type of procedure, as CHUBB can register for the litigation services file and dispute you in the event of default.

How can I contact them?

Do you no longer wish to debit SEPA from CHUBB European Group Limited? You have several solutions to contact them:

Customer Service Address for Disputes Excluding Insurance

European Group CHUBB Customer service — Mobile insurance Le Colisée 8 Avenue de l’Arche 92419 Courvevoie Cedex.

Customer Service Address for Mobile Phone Insurance:

For customers whose membership number begins with “CSCFR”, “SFDFR”, “MMKFR”, “XXIFR”, “X55FR” or “M55FR”:

Five out of five mobile insurance

TSA 90200 41974 Blois Cedex 9 Tel: 0 970 830 033 Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. E-mail:

For customers whose membership number starts with “ASTFR”:

Mobile insurance by Chubb

CS20530 13593 Aix en Provence CEDEX 3

Tel: 0970 821 051 Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 8:00pm E-mail:

You can also send your mail to one of its regional branches:

  • Bordeaux office Building Le Tauzia — 10, rue de l’Abattoir — 33800 BORDEAUX
  • Lille Office NCI Business Centre — 16, Place du Général de Gaulle — 59000 LILLE
  • Lyon Office Building Le Rodin — 26 rue Louis Blanc — 69006 LYON
  • Office of Nantes Actipole Building — 15, Boulevard de Stalingrad — 44000 NANTES
  • Strasbourg office 11 Place du Temple Neuf — 67000 STRASBOURG

Phone: You can contact CHUBB Group Customer Service at: 01 80 20 15 45.