How do I register on Twitter ?

More than a decade after its launch on the web, the social network Twitter remains an effective means of communication and instant information, anywhere in the world. You haven’t taken the step yet? We tell you how to register on Twitter, the social network with the blue bird.

Twitter, a powerful mode of communication

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Twitter has undoubtedly asserted itself as a big social network. Anyone can open an account, or even several accounts. Journalists, individuals of all orders, stars, men and women in the political sector… Everything is said on Twitter. Opinions, mouthings, interests, questions about local news or in the world…

Having a Twitter account in order to be able to post posts (tweet, tweets) has become a must. It is quite possible to have a personal and private Twitter account, and next to it, another more professional and public Twitter account. The type of account you create at the base leaves you the choice to leave it in a private account or to switch it into a public account.

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Your Twitter account, your tweets, your engagement

In any case in terms of responsiveness, rely on Twitter and its users to grasp all the news and interact. While interactions between Twitter users are often interesting and in the exchange of views in humor, sometimes exchanges can be quite rough on Twitter. Attention, in particular, to the phenomena of harassment via Twitter private messaging.

Open a Twitter account in just a few clicks

Open a Twitter account? Nothing simpler! You can create a Twitter account from a browser or directly from the Twitter smartphone app .

From a browser, go to the official Twitter page and click “Sign Up ”. If you go through the Twitter app, you will first need to download it, either for Android or iOS, depending on the mode of operation of your smartphone.

Then, to create your account, Twitter will ask you to fill in several fields for your user profile:

  • Your name
  • Your first name
  • Your phone number
  • A valid email address, if you do not want to enter your phone number.

You are guided on the browser or Twitter app for creating your account. Just follow all the instructions for creating an account and in just a few clicks you will have your Twitter account. Choose a password that only you can remember . The password must be at least 6 characters to be taken into account by Twitter.

Remember to check the advanced options of your Twitter account: these settings will secure your account. Twitter account recovery terms exist.

Publish your first tweet via his Twitter account

You can post your first tweet, which should not exceed 280 characters, after having long been limited to 140 characters per tweet.

It’s gone, you can post your first tweet, from your web browser or from the Twitter app. Remember that the use of the social network Twitter you engage: your opinions are yours! You can then find Twitter accounts to follow.