How do I purchase temporary auto insurance for your vehicle?

Temporary auto insurance may be useful in some cases. Do you think you need to take out temporary auto insurance and would like to know more about the coverage it offers? Depending on the type of vehicle you drive and your driver profile, your insurance contract will not be the same. You are told more about temporary auto insurance below.

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  • Term Auto Insurance: Definition
  • When to purchase temporary auto insurance?
  • How do I purchase temporary auto insurance?
  • What coverage does temporary auto insurance offer you?
  • How much does a term auto insurance cost?
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Term Auto Insurance: Definition

First of all, we will come back to you on what defines temporary auto insurance. This type of contract is signed on a short duration and is generally aimed at drivers who do not wish to have a year-round car insurance contract.

A term auto insurance contract can last for 1 day and can be up to 90 days of coverage for your car. Only drivers with minimal driving experience. It is therefore necessary to be 21 years old and have received a driver’s licence for a minimum of 2 years to be able to take out a contract of temporary auto insurance.

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In what cases to purchase temporary auto insurance?

Temporary auto insurance may be taken out in several cases and situations, depending on what arises. Temporary auto insurance is particularly recommended in the following cases:

  • Your car or vehicle is used little;
  • You store your vehicle in a private place (e.g. luxury vehicle);
  • You will soon switch to another insurance contract following termination or suspension;
  • You plan to make a trip or a short stay in a country and your annual car insurance does not cover the country concerned;
  • You have a vehicle imported from a temporarily registered foreign country and have not yet received the final certificate of registration.
  • It is good to know that a temporary auto insurance contract may allow you to travel abroad as soon as 3 days of validity of the term auto insurance contract.

How do I purchase temporary auto insurance?

In order to take out temporary auto insurance, certain steps will be required. Specific documents are requested to justify your situation.

When you want to take out temporary auto insurance, it is important to match the standard driver profile, so that insurance can agree to cover you. Thus, you will need to provide the classic documents:

  • A copy of your grey card, concerning the vehicle you wish to insure temporarily. The grey card is not necessarily in your name and remains valid even if it has been issued in a country other than France;
  • A copy of your driver’s license is required. It must be valid and must allow you to travel on French territory;
  • The statement of your insured personal information must also be presented, or at least a statement on the honour of all history of claims or violations on the road;

What coverage does temporary auto insurance offer you?

The information most important of your coverage can be found in your term auto insurance coverage. Depending on the type of temporary auto insurance you are going to take out, the coverage will be more or less important. However, a coverage base remains stable:

  • As a driver, insurance in all cases offers you a contract of temporary auto insurance in the form of a third party formula;
  • Third party insurance includes your civil liability if you suffer a claim, as well as legal protection;
  • Additional guarantees may be taken out if the driver so wishes: driver bodily warranty, damage guarantee, or vehicle assistance and troubleshooting guarantee;
  • Depending on your specific case, insurance will direct you to the formula best suited to your needs;
  • Be aware that if you are considering trips to abroad, it is strongly advisable to take out additional guarantees.

A temporary car insurance commits you as much as a conventional car insurance. You are responsible for the driving you have, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. In order to benefit from coverage that suits you, especially as a driver with the minimum experience required, be vigilant .

An insurer may refuse to insure you on simple grounds of unstable driver profile. It’s all about trust too: play the card of sincerity but also of the personal responsibility you have as a driver: this will be useful to you in any case!

How much does a term auto insurance cost?

The price of temporary auto insurance may vary from one insurer to another. Since it is a contract proposed tailor-made to the driver, its cost will be variable .

The criteria used to determine the price of your temporary car insurance will include your driver profile, your experience on the road or the type of vehicle that is to be insured temporarily.

Good to know : temporary car insurance generally costs more in the long term than conventional car insurance. Temporary auto insurance is therefore to be preferred over short periods of time. For any long-term insurance contract and if you are unsure of the length of your need, choose classic car insurance for your vehicle.

Now you know what the broad lines of temporary car insurance are and how it can cover you. Get advice from an insurer to find the right formula for your needs.

It is now possible to take out temporary car insurance online in just a few clicks: take advantage of some special offers and go serene abroad.

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