How do I import an American car?

Do you need to bring your car from the United States to France? Want to realize the dream of having a vintage American car at home? Importing a car from the United States requires certain formalities.

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  • a foreign country to France
  • Formalities for importing a car from the USA
  • Find a car importer from the USA
  • Import a car from the United States: at what price?
  • Think about temporary auto insurance to import your vehicle

How to bring a car from a foreign country to France

Often, if cars are not bought in France, they are bought abroad, and then repatriated to France. Thus, a legal person or an individual can quite decide topurchase a vehicle abroad , for example in the United States. The American car must then be sent to France for some mandatory formalities and fees to be paid.

The transfer cannot easily be carried out without the intervention of a so-called transfer undertaking. For all vintage car lovers: be warned, wanting to have a vintage American car like a Ford Mustang or Dodge at home is priced. Importing a vehicle from the United States is not a free act. These movements and transfers are strictly regulated by US law.

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Formalities for importing a car from the USA

Getting a vehicle directly from the USA has a price, including a whole process to follow:

  • Customs formalities will be required, particularly in the port area;
  • Waiting according to deadlines and the port of boat of the vehicle;
  • Conveying can be done by container (classic), a means that allows the transport of any American vintage car;
  • Roll-on/Roll-off transport is possible: you must then absolutely have a quote before shipment;
  • Anticipate: if you intend to move, the conveying will be more appropriate (personal business prohibited in roll-on/off)
  • Freight or plane: the deadlines are relatively short (between 2 and 10 days) but obviously have a price. These deadlines will also depend on the paperwork required.

Good to know : some transit companies take care of all the formalities with a relatively attractive overall commission or price.

Find a car importer from USA

The best to do when looking to get your US car repatriated from the United States to France, is to contact a transit company . Various services are offered to not only carry out the transit but also offer ancillary and additional services, such as VAT formalities.

These companies are responsible for facilitating the transit of any vehicle and equipment (car, but also motorcycle and boat) from the United States to France.

This allows you to entrust the task to an importer of cars from the United States. The latter will be able to know all the steps to be taken and the administrative procedures to follow for thelegal and proper importation of your vehicle.

Importing a car from the United States: at what price?

Yes, the price of a vehicle import from the USA is real but not prohibitive. You will have to pay:

  • Customs tax : this VAT is the tax that is mandatory on the entry and exit of any item on French territory. The tax is 19.6% on all vehicles and on French territory;
  • For a luxury vehicle/vintage car, the tax will be 20%, but on the other hand it will be 5.5% on vehicles older than 30 years .

A certificate of approval may be requested. For any request for transit or transfer of a car from the Univs States to France, request a quote from companies specializing in the transfer of vehicles.

Importing cars is common for some dealers, but also for private collectors. Reliable vehicle transfer services exist to facilitate the steps and arrival of your American car at good port.

Think about temporary auto insurance to import your vehicle

As you have just discovered, importing a vehicle from the United States or even another foreign country like Germany, involves administrative formalities. You should also think about insuring your car, because once it will be on French territory, it becomes an obligation. Impossible to do without it.

However, you may not want to insure any vehicle as long as you have not seen it in real life. As a result, paying for classic insurance is not necessarily the best solution. You may not know, but there is an alternative here It is a question of temporary insurance, to allow you to be covered legally, without having to keep it. If you need more information, be aware that temporary car insurance, as proposed by Insurance Direct, has many advantages.

  • You can do it at the last minute. Indeed, whether for a quote or for subscription, it will only require a few clicks. You will receive your offer or insurance certificate directly by email.
  • You can choose the duration of the insurance. With Insurance Online, you can choose between 1 and 90 days. For example, you can choose to insure the vehicle you are importing from Germany for a week, the time to let you validate the sale and make sure the vehicle suits you, and then choose a definitive insurance. Be aware that in case of need, you can also extend this term insurance, if you had seen too short.
  • Of course, you will be able to drive in Germany with your new vehicle, because this type insurance makes it possible to ride in the countries of Europe. Where it is worried is if you were to get out of this area. In this case, it is better to call them to know what it is. With Insurance Live, you’ll be lucky because their customer service is available from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. It is rather convenient if you want to reach them quietly after your working day. Also find out about the minimum duration of the contract to be able to ride abroad. With Insurance Online, it is only 3 days.
  • Finally, be aware that it works as well on a family car, a city car, and a utility car.

All you have to do is make a quote to choose the duration that suits you best and return serene with your new vehicle.