How do I get the RIO number ?

The RIO is the operator identity statement that matches your phone and line. This number consists of 12 characters, whether letters or numbers. But what is it actually used for, and how to get it? The point on the RIO of your mobile or landline phone.

What is the RIO for, or operator identity statement?

RIO is a very important reference. When you buy a telephony offer, whether for a landline or a mobile phone number, this code is given to you by your operator. The RIO number is indeed a code consisting of 12 digits and /or letters and serves to identify you accurately.

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particular, the RIO number is used to keep your phone In number on the day you change your operator. This system is called number portability, a common and convenient service for which it is absolutely necessary to know its RIO number.

Simplified portability was introduced in 2007 in France and so far allows millions of users to change operators and phones without changing mobile phone numbers.

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Namely : the portability of a number today requires 1 working day in metropolitan France, and 2 working days in the overseas overseas departments. This means that the service will take a minimum of time to be effective on your new phone, so be patient!

Where can I find your RIO number?

Professional customers can easily find their RIO on their phone bill. The RIO number also appears on the online phone account (customer account on your operator’s website).

For individuals, the RIO number is easy to find and there are several ways to get it in minutes.

Dial 3179 and get your RIO number

Dialing 3179 is the easiest way to get your RIO number. The call must be made from the relevant line (active SIM card). The call to 3179 is free and the service is available continuously to users of any operator (Free, Bouygues, SFR, Orange, etc.).

The user is then redirected to a voice server that states the name of your operator and your RIO number. Depending on the operators, the name of the subscription holder and the subscription date or expiry date of the contract may also be stated by the server voice, if applicable.

Information about your RIO number is also systematically sent to you via SMS on your mobile phone. The SMS includes the name of the holder, the nature of the contract and your RIO number. You can also listen to your RIO number repeatedly via voice server 3179, to take the time to note it if necessary.

Your RIO number and your future operator

When changing operators, you will need to take the steps to pick up your RIO number, to forward it to your future operator . Without the RIO number, you will not be able to request the portability of your phone number for your new plan.

Convenient : No matter where you are, 3179 service recognizes your line. Are you a customer at Bouygues, Orange, Free, SFR or another operator? Test the server Voice 3179 for free and get your RIO number in no time.

Number portability allows first and foremost not to change the number. For this reason, the RIO number is very useful. You don’t need to send your new number to all your address book and contacts. The RIO number therefore avoids a set of steps and makes life easier for all mobile phone users wishing to change operators.