How do I get more visibility on Google?

Today, 69% of French companies have a website, so it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. That’s why, benefiting from a good SEO on Google has become fundamental to improve the visibility of your site and gain more traffic. But how to do it? Passage of essential points in review.

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1. Take the time to select your keywords

To get to your website, users will enter a query in the Google search bar. This query consists of more or less long keywords that match their search.

It is therefore essential to choose relevant keywords, in line with the activity of your company, the content of your internal site but above all your prospects research. To identify your keywords, put yourself in the place of a potential future customer. Ask yourself the right questions. What is his need? What product or services will he look for? How will he formulate his request? By answering these questions, you will be able to establish a list of keywords that meet the search criteria of your leads. The more keywords you have related to the content on the page, the more click rate will increase and improve the visibility of your site.

You can also evaluate the effectiveness of each keyword with tools like Google Keyword Planner for example. They will tell you for each keyword, the number of monthly searches or the difficulty score you will have once arrived on the first page of results.

2. Follow Google’s Best Practices

Fill in the tags To ensure a good SEO of your site on Google, it is important to adhere to certain rules. Start by optimizing your HTML tags. Its tags allow the formatting of the contents of a web page. For example:

  • The tag (H1) corresponds to the title of your web page. It is important that it refers to the content present on the page.
  • The Meta tag description: This tag must provide a brief description (only 160 characters) of the content of the page. If you do not provide it, Google will do it for you, taking a phrase “randomly” in your content.
  • H2, H3 tags that correspond to the main subtitles.

These main tags inform Google about the subject of the page to be analyzed. Embedding keywords into these tags will allow you improve your SEO.

Plan links Also integrate internal and external links. Google’s algorithm will take its links into account to bring out your site in the search results pages.

3. Create, communicate and interact on social networks.

Social networks have become an excellent tool to stand out from the competition. Google takes your social activity into account to optimize your SEO. So consider inserting links to social networks on your site and post quality content to interact with the communities you are interested in.

Google has become today the leading search engine in the world. Try to take advantage of the opportunities that this tool presents to win in visibility and attract more visitors to your website.

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