How do I find a tag on Facebook?

Facebook introduces this week a new feature that allows its members to no longer just search for a page or one of their acquaintances but also messages posted by their friends.

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The social network improves its search capabilities by allowing its users to search among posts shared by their knowledge.

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Now it is no longer necessary to search through a time line to find a message posted by a friend. The social network offers a very convenient search function that allows you to find in seconds the subject of your search.

The option, which uses Graph Search, and is currently only available to a minority of users, allows you to start a search by entering a few words in the search bar at the top of the social network. The good news is that the option should also be available on mobile, from the next few weeks.

According to Facebook, this new feature should allow social network users to better exploit the full potential of Facebook, especially on mobile. The Californian company also indicates that this search function does not raise any privacy questions, since the search only allows access to items made public by the user’s knowledge, of course, the user cannot access the photos, messages and shares of members not included in their list of friends.