How do I create a WhatsApp chatbot?

Integrating WhatsApp into its customer service is good. Entrusting the repetitive part of the customer relationship to a WhatsApp Business chatbot is better! But how to create a virtual conversational agent (bot) when you don’t have any coding skills?

At ChayAll, we work on a daily basis to design solutions to optimize customer service. And the WhatsApp Business chatbot is part of it! This bot will save you resources (time and budget), offer 24/7 customer service via messages and boost your sales performance. So here’s how to proceed!

What is a WhatsApp Business chatbot?

WhatsApp Business API automation feature to support customers

If you are an assiduous reader of the ChayAll blog, you now know how to difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API. Need a little reminder about this popular messaging app? You can view this summary article. Now that the basics of this channel are laid, let’s explore the WhatsApp Business chatbot !

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Theoretically, a bot is automated software, governed by scenarios or artificial intelligence (AI). In practice, the WhatsApp Business chatbot simulates a real conversation with users of your company’s solution. It sends pre-recorded (or learned, in the case of AI) responses to the requests of visitors to your website or online store. If the WhatsApp Business app simply provides pre-recorded information, the API pushes the boundaries, allowing you to explore the entire potential of the bot. An original marketing and communication channel !

WhatsApp Business Chatbot: What is the Interest for My Business?

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Only the WhatsApp Business API allows you to create a chatbot

It’s simple. WhatsApp Business API ticks all the right boxes. This instant messaging, a leader in more than 130 countries, has the shoulders to improve the customer experience :

  • First, WhatsApp is a channel that has more than two billion users;
  • your customer advisors will not be dismayed. They probably already have a profile on the WhatsApp app. No
  • training expense for using solutions is therefore expected for your team

  • ; API removes any limitation on mailing lists
  • ;

  • It also allows you to embed a WhatsApp button into multiple media: your website, your online store, a WhatsApp story, an SMS, an email signature, etc.
  • Finally, the latest trends show that consumers prefer to contact brands via instant messaging rather than via a more traditional channel like the phone or email.

Chatbots to Automate Answers to Customers’ Common Questions

Now, if you pair the benefits of WhatsApp Business API to the advantage of the bot , you go a side side of your customers’ satisfaction, but not only. By automating the repetitive part of the customer relationship, you save resources (time and budget). You will then be able to reinject them into tasks with higher added value, such as conquering new markets or the perfection of your offer.

Improve Customer Experience with Bot Availability

Also, with a WhatsApp Business chatbot, you offer yourself permanent availability for your customers, you stay available 24/7. An effective marketing strategy! This allows you to capture users who are active mainly in the evenings and during the weekend. With the right automation of the chatbot, you can even assist them from contact to purchase, in complete autonomy. Remember that 40% of consumers made their first purchase online via messaging (WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger ).

I install WhatsApp Business API for free! Examples of Chatbot Applications Worldwide

Chatbots have long suffered from this image of “tech gadget” dedicated to conversation, unoperational services. Today, these tools have been seamlessly integrated into the user experience, whether at multinational companies or startups. In short, automated chats can be used whenever communication follows a certain logical frame. And this concerns different company profiles. From health to bankinsurance, news, ticketing, services, tourism or ready-to-wear. Here are a few examples:

  • The Healthcare Professional Bot. This is an automated cat that gives you a pre-diagnosis based on your symptoms. It also directs you to the nearest specialist, if necessary.
  • The financial chatbot, which advises you according to your needs: stock investment, credit simulation, analysis of your expenses, etc. Master Card and Société Générale offer this type of offer.
  • The bot news, such as the one proposed by CNN or, closer to our home, Le Parisien and Nice Matin. These chatbots give you the latest news brief according to the themes you choose. During an election campaign, these tools give you the proposals of each candidate based on the subject you have chosen.
  • Automated chat is now part of the daily life of online shops, ticketing sites and tourism companies (virtual guide in particular).

Finally note that some companies have chosen to offer an “assumed” chatbot, giving it a name, profile and personality, rather than making it look like a human. A marketing strategy that works. So instructs you to decide based on the positioning of your company and the user experience I reserve my seat for free for the webinar desired.

How do I create a conversational bot on WhatsApp?

1. Enable WhatsApp Business API with ChayAll

The WhatsApp Business app can be downloaded for free from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS). This is not the case with the API, which allows you to create a chatbot in accordance with the rules of the art. To frame the use of the API and ensure its security, WhatsApp has entrusted its installation to authorised and hand-picked providers. ChayAll, the specialist solution for professional instant messaging, is one of them.

WhatsApp Business API is part of the instant messaging of our all-in-one tool, which also has other widely used messaging applications*. Our support supports the full implementation of WhatsApp Business API on behalf of your company. Your WhatsApp Business API business account will be up and running in a few days. You will then be able to take advantage of all the benefits of this decisive tool for your customer satisfaction and your business performance.

I try ChayAll conversational tool for free 2. Create your WhatsApp Business chatbot with ChayAll step by step

Creating and setting up your WhatsApp Business chatbot depends on the nature of your business. Your ChayAll advisor supports you on two levels, depending on your needs:

  1. First, basic automation. It includes setting up automated messages from an intuitive interface. First, a first welcome message to welcome the visitor to your website. You can then set up one or more patience messages, to send automatically to customers whose requests require human intervention. You can finally set up absence messages, if you are unavailable.
  2. Then push automation. At this level, you will be able to set up the conversational scenarios of your WhatsApp Business chatbot. Specifically, you will enter pre-recorded responses to send when the bot detects words or a sequence of words in the user’s requests.

You can also download an AI module to your chatbot. He will then learn from the data and information collected as it works.

I ask an expert for help 3. Test your WhatsApp Business chatbot

As in all automations, creating your WhatsApp Business chatbot does not stop at parameterization of the support via the interface. It will take some tests to ensure consistency of responses, in particular. You can simply put yourself in the shoes of a customer and question the chatbot you just downloaded. This allows you to refine the information provided and scenarios to achieve “human” coherence. Ready to amaze your customers with your new virtual chat agent available 24/7?

Create my WhatsApp Business Chatbot What is ChayAll Enterprise Messaging Solution?

ChayAll allows each company to communicate with its customers through:

  • WhatsApp Business
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Apple Business Chat
  • Google’s Business Messages
  • Live Chat
  • ChayAll Feedback Management Tool

Install these apps on the site of your business and create chatbots simply for all applications. Enable and disable the mail you want to use. In addition, a free offer exists!

I install ChayAll and the messengers *WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google’s Business Messages and LiveChat.