Housing vs. services: namely

You are an owner and you have at home a room or a studio that only needs to be inhabited? Starting with the rental of housing for services is a solution to consider. What are the terms of renting accommodation for services and how can a room or studio be rented clearly, depending on the type of service requested? Small topo about renting housing against services.

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  • What the law says on rental of housing for services
    • The type of services possible with the rental of housing against services
  • The contract for furnished housing versus services
  • Housing against services: good to know
  • The right questions to ask

What the law on rental of housing for services says

You have the idea of offering accommodation for services: children, attendance and accompaniment or cleaning hours… Is the proposal of accommodation for services legal? And how do we do it to comply with this legal framework, if it exists?

Some young people, especially students, find this solution a form of emancipation that suits them. Owners also find their account and can have at their disposal a trusted person , whose presence can often prove to be a valuable help. While the practice of housing for services is not widespread in France, it is nevertheless advantageous, in theory.

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The law is not fully framed on housing for services. It is therefore the vigilance and common sense of each person when responding to a student ad or a room ad sometimes free in exchange for menus services. We wouldn’t know Warn you sufficiently against the shady ads that try to attract students into stories of housing versus services… more than dubious.

The type of services possible with rental of housing versus services

When one is a proprietor, retired, alone or simply in the desire to make a kind of co-location in solidarity, the system of housing for services may seem ideal. However, whether it is for household, kitchen, administrative procedures, childcare, gardening, routine maintenance or simply a presence in the form of a company on a daily basis , it is appropriate to frame a minimum of the contract that will be established between the tenant and the landlord.

The contract for furnished housing for services

Establish a contract for Furnished housing is the most sensible solution for housing versus services. Renting accommodation, room or studio, against services at the owner’s home is quite legal , but little framed.

We advise you to make clear in the contract for the lease of housing for services, the terms of the rental and services:

  • The equipment of the furnished;
  • The beginning and end of the exchange of services for housing;
  • The expected schedule on the services rendered;
  • The type of services rendered;
  • The number of weekly hours of services to be performed for the owner;
  • The rules of life to be respected;
  • The reduced amount, if applicable, of the monthly rental of the dwelling and charges.

Housing vs. services: good to know

Tenant : without the clarity of these information, it is quite possible to come across a malicious ad: so be careful. Evaluate what you are looking for, what you can offer as services, in what framework and for how long, and your monthly budget.

By the way, as a tenant, you must definitely have home insurance , as with a classic rental.

Owner : offering decent accommodation, room or studio, is your responsibility for the tenant. This is true of good understanding and the well-being of all. For a student, young worker or other accompanying person, it is generally estimated that 12 hours of work attendance per week is an acceptable limit.

Tariff : Thehourly smic is usually applied, or even more. Depending on the quality and nature of the dwelling, these amounts are adjusted. Sometimes, if no rent is requested, benefits in kind may be offered: meals, laundry, etc.

Namely : the person you accept at home will have neither the status of au pair nor the status of a life assistant.

The right questions to ask

Before concluding a reciprocal engagement between landlord and tenant, a number of questions must be asked. As an owner, you benefit from services and provide accommodation. It is your responsibility not to exceed the weekly hours set out in the contract.

Indeed, undeclared and recurring hours are considered to be dark work (hidden work) and are completely illegal. An employment contract must be drawn up. It must stipulate the terms of payment (job-service cheque, transfer, cash, etc.) and must have no point of doubt for the tenant.

To embark on housing for services, you must of course be prepared to welcome someone in his home humanly. The situation must also be consideredfair .