Homemade mushroom: how to treat?

Mushroom is often welcome in a good salad recipe or in a dish, but much less when invited to your home. How to treat a wood fungus (or merule) in a home and preserve its health? You are told everything about this invasive moisture-loving fungus.

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  • Merule: the enemy of the house loves moisture
  • Getting rid of the merule with a few simple gestures
  • Wall fungus, mold and treatment
    • The recommended treatment in addition to our tips
  • Mushrooms in a home: act quickly

Merule: the enemy of the house loves moisture

With the arrival of winter or simply in a poorly ventilated and moisture-sensitive room , this curious fungus called merula du bois invites itself gladly. In love with water in all its forms, this fungus is recognizable between a thousand and must be treated , under penalty of causing health problems to the occupants of houses.

The merula loves wood: it is also commonly known as the timber mushroom, and can be accommodated in the heart of the beams without you even noticing it. How to get rid of the merule and preserve timber?

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Getting rid of the merule with a few simple gestures

The diagnosis is unappealing, are you overgrown by the merule? Here are our tips to get rid of them quickly:

  • Avoid moisture . If your bathroom or kitchen walls are covered with mold or even several types of mold, then the merule is there. Warmth and humidity are his favorite terrain.
  • Limit green plants indoor, real spore tanks.
  • Ventilate often in order to breathe better and ventilate the walls and the house.
  • Avoid having a large aquarium or crops in a small room.
  • Do not systematically spread your laundry without airing.
  • Do the cleaning regularly.

Wall fungus, mold and treatment

In France, the wood merule finds its way and develops rapidly. This wood fungus, like other fungi and mold, are allergenic and can cause respiratory failure. Be sure to check regularly the condition of your timber and walls for suspicious mold.

The recommended treatment in addition to our advice

You have done a great cleaning and you will now be able to process the areas of Recalcitrant mold with merule. Bleach treatment is recommended for wood merula fungi.

Put on gloves, wear a dust mask and go. Dilute bleach to 1/20th and rub the infested areas. The presence of this fungus indicates that the areas around are also affected: do not just rely on areas with apparent mold. Also clean your air conditioning and air conditioning grilles.

The presence of the merule in a house is very bad sign, but it is not impossible to cope with it. If it grows into large colonies, it can even go so far as to cause the collapse of the frame of a house, due to wood rot.

Mushrooms in a house: act fast

The important thing, as soon as you have identified the presence of mold, is to act quickly. Prolonged ventilation of the house may be required to ensure that moisture leaves. Take the relative humidity of the rooms as well as precautions if you move to areas known to be humid where this problem may be more frequent.