Home automation, for more comfort and security

With the development of new technologies, the world of home security has undergone a profound upheaval. As a result, it became much easier to optimize the monitoring of your home and act in the event of an incident. To keep an eye on your home, home automation kits are made for you. Better, they are connected to your internet box and thus allow you to monitor your home remotely. The highlight of these equipment is that they are very easy to install and almost do not require maintenance.

To secure your home

A home automation kit is a device whose main purpose is to secure your home. It can effectively fight against intrusions thanks to their built-in alarm, a motion detector or an opening detector. But it is necessary to be careful, because these equipment is insufficient for a house or a large apartment. Therefore, you will sometimes be forced to add some accessories to it for satisfactory protection.

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For the motion detector, only one can largely suffice. However, it will always have to be installed in a place where it will necessarily pass (staircase, corridor). If your accommodation is located in a building, you will need not only one motion detector, but several. For a home, you will often need several motion detectors at Answer Sécurité that you will install on doors and windows.

Home automation to save energy

The closing or opening of your doors, gates and windows is now possible remotely thanks to home automation. Which is very advantageous when you are used to away from at home for a variety of reasons. It is also possible to manage lighting in your absence. At first glance, this may seem energy-intensive. But the ability to close your doors and windows remotely is very advantageous if you know that you often tend to leave the lights on when you go to the office.

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Thanks to home automation, you can adjust your heating remotely or even your air conditioning and above all have an overview of your power consumption in real time. From your smartphone, you can also control your boiler, especially when you are going to put it into sleep. For this, sometimes you will need additional facilities. Home automation also allows you to go further by making your accommodation autonomous. But this requires a fairly substantial investment on specific equipments.