Holiday home rental: what you need to know

The summer season is ideal to rent your holiday home or to find a holiday home yourself. To leave serene, we explain what you need to know as a landlord but also as a tenant of a holiday home.

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  • Leasing your home for the holidays
    • Standards for holiday home rentals
    • Duration of the holiday rental of your home
  • Holiday home rental: obligations of the tenant
    • Choose your holiday rental: house or villa with swimming pool?
    • Find your ideal holiday home rental

Leasing your home for the holidays

Would you like to rent your house or villa with pool for the holidays? Whether it’s your principal or secondary residence, it’s important to know what your rights and duties as a seasonal lessor.

A holiday home, for example a villa with swimming pool, lends itself very well to seasonal rental for tourists passing through. To be able to put your property in seasonal rental, you must first of all that your house meets the criteria of a furnished tourism :

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The holiday home subject to seasonal rental must include:

  • of furniture
  • of bedding
  • gas stove or hotplates
  • a refrigerator
  • kitchen utensils

Standards for holiday home rentals

The minimum standards of decent housing must also be respected (Decree No. 2002-120 of 30 January 2002). Mandatory diagnostics are to be carried out: you will have to hand over to your tenant the ERNMT (state of natural hazards mining and technology) dated less than 6 months at the time of signature of the seasonal lease.

Duration of the holiday rental of your home

Vacation rentals are subject to regulations, especially depending on their duration. If large holiday homes or villas with many rooms are ideal to be rented by tourists, you should know that renting your property or villa commits you.

In France, as a seasonal lessor, you are subject to a specific regulation (regulatory framework for seasonal rental) if you wish to rent your house more than 4 months in the year . For a rental period of less than 4 months per year, you can freely rent your house or villa with swimming pool.

You must respect the maximum duration of renting your house or villa with swimming pool if this property is your principal residence. You must also declare to your town hall your intention to make the holiday rental with your home. The town hall then tells you how to follow in terms of administrative procedure, and can also list your house in a listing of holiday homes or villas to discover.

Depending on the geographic area, permits will be required: ask before thinking about renting your home for the holiday.

Holiday home rental: obligations of the tenant

Looking for a summer rental? Perhaps the ideal holiday home is nearby! In the South of France, or in border countries like Spain or Italy, many villas with swimming pools are quite affordable for a dream holiday. Fancy a stay on an island in a holiday home by the beach? Everything is possible during the holidays!

As a tenant, as well as any landlord, you also have rights, but also duties to fulfill in order to be able to rent a holiday home.

particular, you will have to leave the accommodation in the same condition In as the one in which you found it. Any damage caused may cost you a fee, rightly so.

Choose your holiday rental: house or villa with pool?

Among the many choice criteria that will make you lean for this or that holiday house or villa, a tenant can demand the above criteria (decent housing regulation ). However, it does not have the right to demand “options” such as: living area, television, open view, private terrace, etc.

There are many houses and holiday rentals offering various and varied services: it is up to you to define your budget and your expectations. Your lessor is only required to provide you with the documents and services listed above. Be aware that if you choose a holiday villa with pool, your rental budget will be higher. Same if you are looking for a rental by the sea and very close to the beach.

Find your ideal holiday home rental

If you go to the South, a villa with swimming pool will be easier to find and very pleasant in hot weather.

For your holiday rental, house or villa with swimming pool, if you no longer know which saint you want or to which country to go (France, Spain, etc.), here is our opinion: proceed by disposal according to your budget and your criteria (number of people, price per night or package 6 nights, number of rooms, etc.). Quickly you will find the holiday rental and the ideal house or villa with or without swimming pool.

In Saint Malo, Saint Jean-de-Luz or Saint Tropez, certainly, the rentals and services will not be the same, the weather and the setting will also be different, but you make sure yourself a beautiful holiday. Good search for holiday home rental!