Here is a list of all IP addresses used by Google

As one of the largest companies in the world, Google occupies a considerable public IP address space. Google’s many IP addresses support searches and other Internet services such as the company’s DNS servers.

You may want to find the IP address of Google’s website

If everything works normally, you can visit the Google search engine However, it is also possible to access it using one of Google’s IP addresses. This can be done even if the domain is not accessible by its name.

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Problems with DNS may occur. In this regard, the IP address of Google can not be found by entering “”. In these cases, you can instead enter the URL as a valid IP address in the form Some IP addresses work better than others depending on your localization.

Test Web site connections by addresses instead of names can be a useful troubleshooting step. This way, you will be able to check if the connection has a problem with naming resolution. Therefore, this is not a technical type problem.

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Also, website administrators want to know when does a Google web crawler visit them sites. Analyzing web server logs reveals the IP addresses of crawlers but not their domains.

Google’s IP address ranges

Google uses the following public IP address ranges: — — - — — — 255.255.255216.239.32.0 —

In addition, Google chooses the way it deploys its web server network. And only certain Google addresses work uninterrupted. This explains why accessing a random address is possible or not at a specific time. For the public, Google maintains IP8. and as primary DNS addresses. A network of strategically located DNS servers around the world supports requests to these addresses.

Website administrators only expect one thing, that’s when Google visits their domains. Google does not publish an official list of IP addresses for a Gooble or Googlebot robot. However, the latter recommends users to follow these instructions to check the addresses of the latter. In fact, many active addresses can be captured from searches: — — — This list is not exhaustive and the specific addresses used by Google’s programs may change withnotices.