• Discover the measurements of South African actress Charlize Theron with waist, chest, weight, style and more.

    Dimensions and measurements by Charlize Theron:

    Name:Charlize Theron Data di birth: 07 August 1975 Sign Astrologia: Leone Nazionalità: Sud-African Hair: Bionde Eyes: Blues Tattoo: Yes Height: 177 cm Weight: 55 kg Mensurazioni: 92-62-92 (Bust — Waist — Hips) Chest: 90B Fat percentage: 18.5%…

  • Check out the list of Cara Delevingne sizes with weight, waist, chest and more.

    Dimensions and measurements by Cara Delevingne: ****0

    Name: Cara Delevingne Date of birth: 12 August 1992 Zodiac: Lion Nationality: British Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green Tattoo (s): Yes Dimensions: 175 cm Weight: 51 kg Measurements: 79-61-86 (bust — waist — hips). Chest:Fat Percentage: 85B 16%


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    Thrush baby: unrecognized child disease

    You know the baby’s thrush? This childish mouth disease is relatively little known but quite widespread. If it is not serious, however, it remains to be monitored in the very small child, like any childhood pathology. You are told everything about the baby’s thrush, the symptoms of this infection at the oral level and its treatment.

    Thrush of the baby

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    How to delay menstruation?

    How do you do when you want to delay menstruation? Your cycle does not suit you and you want to adjust your rules by delaying or advancing them? Be aware that this is possible, including being prescribed hormone therapy. The pill remains the best known and effective way to delay menstruation. That said, this treatment is to be followed seriously …

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    Dental apparatus: what to know

    Dental appliances have evolved in recent years. The arrival of new generations of dental appliances, rings and prostheses of all kinds has changed dental health and orthodontic care. Would you like to know more about oral health and what orthodontic treatment involves ? In our article you will find many answers to the questions you are asking yourself.

    Article plan…

  •  What is a Prince Albert piercing?

    Prince Albert piercing is one of the most common penis piercings.

    It is done by inserting a bar or other jewelry through the hole from which the pee (urethra) comes from and from below behind the head (acorn).

    Are there different types?

    There are two other popular types:

    • Reverse PA: It passes through the
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    What a deo for my pre teen?

    How to choose an organic, natural and effective deodorant For a long time I wanted to publish an exhaustive article about deodorants: why avoid “classic” products and.

    As always, it is difficult to unravel the real from the fake and even headphones tangling on themselves. I hope to help you see more clearly and find hygiene and health products near …

  • Check out the list of Selena Gomez sizes with weight, height, chest circumference and more.

    Height, weight and measures of Selena Gomez: ****0

    Name: Selena Gomez Date of birth: July 22, 1992 Zodiac sign: Cancer Nationality: American Hair: brown. Eyes: Brown Tattoo (s): Yes Size: 165 cm Weight: 55 kg Measures: 87-61-91 (bust — waist — hips). ChestPercentageFatty Material

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    Are posture correctors effective ?

    Back pain affects more than one in three French people. These pains are often caused by poor posture, especially when you spend several hours sitting or rising up in an uncomfortable posture.

    Posture corrector (back straightening) is undoubtedly one of the most convenient and often recommended solutions for dealing with it. The accessory promises to solve back problems in a …

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    What is the best electronic cigarette ?

    Vaping is changing the face of nicotine consumption worldwide, and if you’re looking to make the change in Britain, finding the best e-cig in the UK maximizes your chances of success. The big problem for British vapors is that the EU TPD prohibits tanks with a capacity of more than 2 ml, which significantly reduces the options available for British …

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    Green tea: when is a cure ?

    Green tea is a plant that has many virtues and does a lot of good to the body. It has been exploited for almost 5000 years as a very effective medicinal plant. It should be noted today that green tea can also be eaten as a dietary supplement. Moreover, be aware that green tea accounts for 18% of the world’s …

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    How to prepare for a blood test ?

    When you need to do medical examinations or donate blood, a blood test is mandatory. It is an act that allows you to take a small amount of this precious liquid, either for analysis or more simply to inject it to a third person. However, it should be known that before taking a blood test, there are certain precautions to …

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    Fasting 16 8 : intermittent fasting

    You want to lose weight and have heard of intermittent fasting? Taking care of your health and diet is paramount. In many Eastern cultures, fasting is practiced in a healthy way. But what about intermittent fasting? We explain everything about the method of fasting 16 8 or 16-hour fasting.

    What is 16/8 fasting?

    Also called fasting 16/8, the method of …

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    How to fight varicose veins ?

    Varicose veins represent a cosmetic problem They prevent us from revealing our legs in complete serenity.

    They are provoked by various factors against which it is necessary to actively fight, in order to hope to eliminate them.

    In this article, we will explain how to eliminate varicose veins located at the level of your legs, in a completely natural and …

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    Better Understanding Misophonia

    A person with misophonia can be greatly disturbed by certain sounds or noises of everyday life. It can be sniffing, snoring or chewing. This is a disorder that is present in many people, and is not to be neglected, because it can cause disruptions to everyday life.

    Common noises that can generate a state of stress

    Nicolas, 32 years old, …

  • Did you notice any white traces on your tongue? Perhaps this is a mycosis of the tongue, also called white tongue. What are the remedies for mycosis of the tongue and how to recognize the first signs of it? You are told everything about the pathology of the white tongue.

    The remedy that works against the tongue

    When it comes …

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    How to trigger his menstruation ?

    Control your menstrual cycle with these natural tricks! Here are 8 more or less effective tips to trigger menstruation before they catch you by surprise… Your ovaries will not have the last word!

    You’re going to the bivouac next week and you don’t want your period to fall at that time? Are you afraid to get pregnant and prefer to …

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    What are the main known vasodilators ?

    A vasodilator is actually a substance acting directly on the diameter of the blood vessels. The latter increases, resulting in better blood circulation, as well as lower blood pressure. If vasodilators are generally used in the treatment of heart disease, you should be aware that they are found in France, over the counter or by prescription, to relieve other words …

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    How to make a lollipop ?

    Recognizing a pacifier is not very difficult, but knowing how to make one correctly, it requires a little tact. Proof of love, tenderness, sometimes even possession, pacifier can take various meanings, it all depends on the intention of the one who does it. If you want to make an attempt, follow these tips that can serve you well at the …

  • There are sensitive places on the body of a woman and which at the slightest signs are worrying. You have the nipples scratching you and wondering what’s down there. This sensation is boring and unpleasant, it must be admitted. Several causes are possible and it would be useful to know them in order to follow the appropriate treatment. Are these …

  • How to see a pregnant woman ? Easy, she’s got a big belly! Certainly, but before? Many women do not develop an imposing belly and rarely before the first trimester. How does the woman know she is pregnant ? And how can a third party know if a person is pregnant ?

    It is undeniable that the signs of being