Headlights : all about LED, xenon, matrix and halogen lighting

On old models of cars, headlights and lighting system were made of incandescent bulbs. Today, lighting technology has evolved and there are LED, xenon and halogen lighting. We present the specifics of these lighthouses, for those who wish to see them more clearly.

The importance of headlights and lighting on a vehicle

Any vehicle is equipped with headlights in order to be able to illuminate the road when the trip is made at night or under circumstances that justify the use of headlight lighting.

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The importance of driving safety has therefore become a priority for car manufacturers. The headlights of vehicles sold on the market are now true technical and advanced objects . Research centres have started working to develop state-of-the-art technology around the headlights.

A priority, for security

For example, car brands have made lighting their vehicles a priority, in order to increase safety on board. From discovery to discovery and trial to test, lighting has become a luxury , to the point of bearing the name “Matrix” on certain denominations! What to give you an idea of what the headlights represent in the automotive industry.

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Beyond the criteria of safety and lighting quality, the headlights are literally the signature of a manufacturer. At night and when you meet a vehicle, some headlights are recognizable between a thousand for who knows a little about it.

Brightness, aesthetics, shape, power, advantages and disadvantages of xenon headlights, halogen headlights or LED headlights… What are the peculiarities of each of these types of lighting today? Which headlights best fit what needs? We will try to enlighten you on the subject by providing you with details about headlights and car lighting.

Specifics of headlights: all types of modern lighting

We will tell you below the peculiarities of the flagship lights that are commonly found on the modern vehicles.

Halogen lighting

Halogen headlights are by far the cheapest of all types of headlights and car lighting. In terms of industrial production, they remain easy to manufacture , without too much technical challenge. They are easily changed by simply opening the hood and finding the niche of the lighthouse bulb.

The advantage of halogen headlights is above all their price and simplicity of installation. By the way, halogen bulbs for this type of headlights have a good service life . With thousands of hours, you’re quiet. Halogen headlight bulbs have a filament that can reach very high temperatures.

Halogen headlights have become democratized and spread in commerce since 2019. They are mainly found on car models entry-level, very accessible. It is increasingly common to find headlights with halogen lighting on car models of very generalist brands.

Xenon lighting

Xenon is a gas. Xenon headlights provide very white and characteristic lighting . Xenon gas is located in the headlights block. The principle is simple: the current flows via two electrodes, which, when they come into contact with xenon gas, emit this powerful white light that has some bluish reflections.

Recognizable by far, xenon headlights are not appreciated by all drivers, because of their tendency to dazzle vehicles coming in front. Xenon lighting technology is much more powerful than halogen headlights . Its main advantage is not to consume as much as halogen headlights.

It is notoriety common that xenon headlights last a very long time. If no gas leaks or sealing concerns are detected on the flagship block, then they can even have an unlimited service life.

In terms of price, xenon gas lighting headlights are more expensive than their halogen counterparts. Tariffs tend to slowly democratize. However, you should know that if you want to change your lighting, it is much more complex to access the optical unit. This is due to the presence of an electronic trim corrector, which constantly reviews the height of the light beam of your headlights. The presence of a headlight washer (mandatory on these models) also makes the task more complex.

Xenon headlights are now dethroned by LED technology , which you are told below.

LED or Full Lighting

On a car, LED lighting is still the most common type of lighting, due to the arrival of a law. Manufacturers have been obliged to install daytime running lightsLED since 2011. These daytime running lights were initially halogen headlights but were soon replaced by LED technology.

LED bulbs consume very little, this is their characteristic and main advantage. The light emitted by LED headlights is rather white and intense , without dazzling.

The power attained by LED bulbs on car headlights is today one of the criteria that push buyers to choose this or that lighting system. In order to achieve good power and decent lighting, LED bulbs are many .

On Full LED car models (LED) only), the bulbs do not emit enough heat to prevent moisture from living in the flagship blocks. On this point, it is advisable to check the tightness of Full LED headlights.

Matrix lighting, or matrix headlights

Here they are, our famous Matrix headlights. It can lend a smile: this technology is also called Multibeam. Car lighting is in the midst of a revolution with these kinds of headlights. In principle? LEDs are controlled from a central computer that is connected to a camera.

The camera is supposed to analyze in real time what is happening in front of the car and adjust the light beam. Traffic conditions are analyzed, the beam can split in half to keep illumination only on one side. This smart lighting system says Matrix is in full development and is found on the brands of choice like Audi, Mercedes or even BMW.

Laser lighting

This type of lighting and headlights is currently on the margin. We can only find on some models. The light produced by this technology is very powerful, with about 2 times the power of a LED headlight. Headlights can now take up less space , since power compensates for light.

Audi pushes the dong core further with the arrival of hybrid headlights, both laser and matrix, present in particular on the Audi R8 LMX. Headlights and different types of lighting are constantly being studied in the laboratory and in manufacturers.

With the development of such technologies, one would not be surprised to see the democratization of gadgets! Information can now pass into the light and be transmitted to drivers circulating in the other meaning. When are the totally futuristic headlight models, driven in a fully automatic way?

Now you know what features LED, xenon, Matrix or halogen headlights have. This should help you make your choice of vehicle and car model. Lighting is a serious topic very related to safety !

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