Getting a visa to Dubai: how to do it?

Whether you want to visit Abu Dhabi or simply go on a business trip to Dubai, you will usually need a visa to enter the UAE. However, depending on your nationality, the requirements will not be the same. Find out in this article, how to get a visa to Dubai.

Who requires a visa to travel to Dubai?

Apart from a few exemptions that are generally nationally related, anyone who needs or wants to travel to the UAE must apply for a visa to Dubai before leaving. Some may simply apply for an entry permit on site, at their arrivals. As a result, there are several types of visas, which are granted depending on the purpose of each traveler.

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For example, there is the transit visa, which is 96 hours, then the tourist visa, which is valid for 30 daysrenewable only once. Then there is the visiting visa which is from 30 to 90 days of validity , as well as the multiple entry visa , which is valid for 6 months for stays that never exceed 14 days . It should also be noted that transits and visit visas are not renewable .

In what case can we be exempted from visa?

If you are a national of the Council of Gulf Cooperation, GCC, you have the option to travel to Dubai without having a visa. The countries that are therefore affected by this exemption areBahrain,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,OmanandQatar .

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Furthermore, since 6 May 2015, French citizensare also exempted from visas fromentering Dubai. However, this exemption is only valid for a stay of up to 90 days .

In addition, as was mentioned earlier, people in some countries can obtain a 30-day tourist visa free of charge upon arrival in Dubai . So this visa is like a permit to enter. Countries that are affected by this provision are among others, Germany, the USA, the Vatican, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Saint Martin, Singapore

How do I get a visa to Dubai?

If due to your nationality, you must have a visa to Dubaibefore you can travel there, you will first need to find a sponsor . Secondly, you will have to collect a number of documents.

Thus, there are several types of sponsors. In some cases, it is even the latter who will take part of the visa application process. These sponsors include organizations working in the field of tourism , moral rights, public and privaterights, as well as individuals , such as friends or family.

For the documents to be provided, it will be necessary to complete a visa application form , in addition to providing a copy of your passport with a validity of at least 6 months . It will also be necessary to provide documents relating to your sponsor proving, for example, the existence of a relationship. Otherwise, a letter of invitation from the latter feralthe case.