Find Immediate Temporary Auto Insurance

Do you need to have your vehicle insure urgently? Whether it’s to insure a car, motorcycle or even a motorhome, temporary insurance can be useful in many cases. Back on a practical contract that troubleshoots the driver without insurance!

Purchase temporary auto insurance

Temporary auto insurance is not only for the driver of a car. This insurance can be used for a motorcycle, a motorhome… go on a trip and your insurance company does not offer a clause allowing you to take your vehicle in a foreign country?

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Temporary auto insurance is convenient: it allows any driver to take their vehicle on a trip abroad, for a duration of 1 day to 90 days . In short, you can go between 1 day and 3 months abroad, whether for personal reasons, for holidays, etc.

is very simple to purchase a temporary auto insurance. Contact your insurer or apply online. Feel free to request a quote from It several insurers in order to obtain the best price of temporary auto insurance.

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Temporary auto insurance: in what cases

Temporary motorcycle car insurance can be useful in many cases:

  • an imminent trip abroad
  • a car rental for holidays
  • no wish to take a classic annual contract
  • lack of finance to take out classic and annual car insurance

Do you want to hire a car , car, camper, trailer or motorcycle, and you want to take out a temporary insurance contract? Know that this is quite possible. The minimum duration of the temporary auto contract will be 1 day for France and 3 days to go to a foreign country.

How to get the best term auto insurance?

Car insurance is compulsory for any vehicle intended to be used on public roads. It is rare that this happens, but some insurers refuse temporary insurance to a car that is not permanently insured, especially if you want to go to a foreign country.

The best way to find better insurance and not being denied temporary auto insurance contract is to make several requests for quotes from insurers. These answer you by giving you guarantees and a list of prerequisites for your future contract.

Demanding insurers

The terms and conditions may change depending on the insurers. Certain insurances may ask you to provide your history and a complete record of history (disaster, accident, violation) in order to know which driver they are dealing with. If you are a malus driver, you will probably have no problem finding the best temporary car insurance for your car, motorcycle or camper.

You can also target the insurance you are interested in online and get a quick idea of the price of temporary auto insurance.

Car insurance guarantees

temporary The most common coverage and basic coverage offered for temporary motorcycle car insurance are:

  • a warranty troubleshooting and hardware assistance to the vehicle
  • a bodily warranty concerning the driver
  • a damage guarantee, for any accident or hanging

If you intend to travel abroad, it is strongly advised to make a supplementary warranty subscription adapted to your situation , especially if you rent a vehicle and the insurance included does not seem sufficient.

The cost of temporary auto insurance

The cost of the term auto insurance offer will vary depending on the duration of your contract, the vehicles, optional coverage you choose, and your driver profile. You can’t really calculate the cost of car insurance in advance temporary, since it is based on a case-by-case basis and on a la carte formulas.

If you know your insurer well and have a flawless record, you may have a great price on your term auto insurance.

Request a quote for a temporary car insurance

If you plan to rent a car for a temporary period, especially for holidays in France or abroad, temporary car insurance is essential. However, it is not a matter of taking the first assurance that we will offer you. You have every interest in making several quotes to study the different offers and choose the one that suits you best, especially if you have a premium car to insure. Even if you are talking about short-term auto insurance, not all insurers will offer you the same


  • Rates
  • Guarantees
  • Franchises

Rest assured, asking for quotes will not take you much of your time. With Insurance Live, this is done online and in just a few clicks . You will be able to get the price quickly to insure a car temporarily in France or abroad, and for a period of between 1 and 90 days. You can choose to receive your quote directly by phone or email. Also be aware that you can request a term insurance quote for other vehicles such as a motorhome, trailer or motorcycle, depending on your needs especially for your future vacation.