Fasting 16 8 : intermittent fasting

You want to lose weight and have heard of intermittent fasting? Taking care of your health and diet is paramount. In many Eastern cultures, fasting is practiced in a healthy way. But what about intermittent fasting? We explain everything about the method of fasting 16 8 or 16-hour fasting.

What is 16/8 fasting?

Also called fasting 16/8, the method of intermittent fasting is the best known of fasting methods. Followers of this practice are satisfied for several reasons. It is indeed a simple method to lose weight sustainably and stabilize .

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As part of a fitness, weight and fat loss diet, sports program or any big decision about your lifestyle , you have heard about the famous intermittent fasting. But what does this method mean, at all?

Intermittent fasting, as the name suggests, has the peculiarity of being practiced intermittently. In this way, it does not subdue the body to too drastic changes. This is not a prolonged fasting spreading over a whole week by simply drinking broth. Fasting 16 8 is not to eat for a total duration of 16 hours. This period can be done on the meal you want, but it seems important to keep 2 important meals: lunch and dinner. .

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Fasting 16 8 respects the same rhythm as naturally followed by the body when it is at rest (night).

The principle of intermittent fasting is simple :

  • You can eat normally for the first 8 hours
  • You stop eating for up to 16 hours

Meanwhile, what happens in your body?

Fasting 16 8: detoxify the body and rebooster

But then, what is intermittent fasting for, and what is the real difference from prolonged fasting? Want to lose weight at any cost? The most common concern when dieting or embarking on a sports program is to properly stabilize your weight after the period of change (diet or sport).

As you know, many diets put the body in pain more than anything else . So your body will compensate afterwards and it will be all the more difficult for you to stabilize yourself.

In addition, Poorly controlled diets sometimes cause muscle and water to lose, rather than focusing on fat removal.

The principle of intermittent fasting is to reboost and detoxify the body, rather than drastically weaken it. This does not require not to eat for 24 hours or a whole week: a beginner can get on it without having been accustomed to fasting before.

Reaction of the body

During intermittent 16-hour fasting, you will drink water. This will force your body to remove toxins in the presence. Drinking water (without additives) is essential during these 16 hours. It purifies the body and will reboost the body while draining it .

In reality, it is not strictly speaking a question of fasting (this word can be misinterpreted), but about abstinence from food . By the way, your diet during the 8 hours (hence the name 16/8) of the day will have to be balanced if you want to achieve concrete results.

we all know, the most difficult in changing eating habits is to respect one’s own discipline and a good lifestyle. Do you know thatit takes only 3 days to get a habit As ? So ready to lose weight? Listen to Jean-Michel Cohen’s explanations:

Results of intermittent fasting or fasting 16 8

People who follow this method with healthy self-discipline are satisfied with the 16 8 fasting for the following reasons:

  • Better results in hunger resistance compared to 24-hour fasting
  • Sugar and fat levels are more significantly reduced
  • Fat loss is more important than water loss or loss of muscle
  • Weight stabilizes more easily over the long term

You may feel like you have less energy at first: it’s normal, your body needs to get used to and understand its new mode of operation.

As you advance in the method of fasting 16 8, the effects will be felt. As a rule, when the decision to grow thin is made, everything is done next to observe a healthy lifestyle. Our tips for your diet.

Our feeding advice during intermittent fasting

The importance of meals on health is not a myth: we are what we decide to eat . Here are some principles of proper nutrition during the first 8 hours of your day:

  • Health above all: food should be rich in nutrients . Fruits, Vegetables, fish, meat… Cook without fat or choose a quality vegetable fat (olive oil).
  • Choose to cook good and satiating dishes: you were fun, energy and health. No processed, prepared, too salty, sweet or fatty products.
  • Give preference to wholegrain
  • Snacks: seeds and dried fruits in moderation
  • Make full meals for your lunch and dinner: starter, main course, dessert.
  • Take the time to vary food and feel the effect of satiety .
  • All, homemade and cooked with love !

Mind plays a lot on weight . If you feel constrained, there is little chance that you will hold on the duration.

The goal is not to crack : do not frustrate yourself, adapt our advice to your habits.

Combine with soft sport in the day from the morning, and real moments of relaxation in the evening.

Therefore, intermittent fasting allows you to eat while losing weight. Test fasting 16 8: With this less drastic method than a diet, take care of your health and diet. Week after week, you will see the effects while enjoying eating your meals.