Enterprise RGE: Recognize a Certified Company

Are you planning to do energy renovation work on your home and you need to use an RGE company ? The aim of the work focused on energy saving and sustainable development is now a central issue. But how to recognize a certified company and what are the essential things to know? Follow the guide!

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  • Why use an EGR business?
  • RGE Qualibat: Choose your reliable craftsman
  • The RGE qualification in a few points

Why use an RGE company?

Enterprise RGE means that the company is “Recognized as aguarantor of the environment ”. For what reasons? If you call on an RGE craftsman, you have the assurance of quality of the nature of the work done on your habitat. The methods used are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

As part of the energy renovation of certain buildings, any individual can benefit from State subsidies: eco-loan, ISCED, VAT reduction,Anahaid, etc. These subsidies are granted only in case you usean ERR certified craftsman .

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For this reason, it will be useful to verify that the company you are addressing is listed as RGE. This is akin to a precaution: be sure you can benefit from the aid. This activity must be carried out in accordance with the law. Your work is completed and you remain in control . Thecompany (thecraftsman ) to whom you address, if listed, must be accountable for its reliability.

RGE Qualibat: Choose your reliable craftsman

What is Qualibat EGR? The RGE label is a certification for a competency adapted to the activity. As an individual requesting renovation assistance, you must choose the right RGE qualification , depending on the type of work: Qualibat, Qualit’enr, Certibat, Qualifelec and Cequami.

To find out if a company is EGR certified, perform an audit. For this, nothing is simpler than a direct search on the official website of the Ademe (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management).

RGE Qualification in a few points

Your work with RGE companies can take several forms depending on the construction sites and the domain : thermal evaluation, repellent and painting, insulation, change and renovation of the heating system, installation of renewable energies , etc. Your craftsman must also be able to provide you with proof of his qualification or RGE certification .

Check the validity date of the RGE label : the date must be prior to the date of signature of the quote. This condition will allow you to get the premium energy. To qualify for the tax credit , the date of the RGE label must be earlier than the start of the work.

To go further, you can also turn to the Faire site, set up by the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion. It brings together all the actors involved in the renovation energy and makes them visible to the public, in all transparency.