Electric cooler: choose it right

It’s a holiday soon and you want to invest in an electric cooler? An electric cooler prevents small melted ice worries at the bottom of the cooler. We give you a summary of the tips for choosing an electric cooler properly.

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  • What is an electric cooler?
  • How does a portable electric cooler work?
  • Choosing your electric cooler: what criteria?
  • What use for my electric cooler?
  • Thermoelectric engineering: the right temperature for your food
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What is an electric cooler?

There is the classic cooler, an airtight, insulated box capable of keeping food and bottles cool. By placing ice loaves, it is thus possible to maintain a freshness moderate. The classic cooler with handle and lid is very convenient to store fresh products for a (very) short duration at a storage temperature. It is ideally used for a picnic or on holiday, camping.

Note : Unless you have frozen food beforehand, the classic cooler will not be able to preserve the cold chain effectively.

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And then there is the electric cooler, which will make the cool time last thanks to its efficient electrical system. Its ability to keep food and beverages chilled for a much longer time is appreciated. An electric cooler allows you to effectively preserve the cold chain . A “detail” that is actually not one: the electric cooler can be very convenient for evenings, large meals or family events or everyone comes from afar and brings dishes.

How does a portable electric cooler work?

An electric cooler has in it an integrated cooling system, just like a mini-fridge. In general, an electric cooler can be plugged into a car, thanks to a planned power supply (12 V) . Very easy to use , the electric cooler saves you from the classic discomfort of a normal cooler: cold shelf life, melting ice, odors, hygiene, etc. Cleaning your electric cooler is easier.

When you see that the portable cooler gives you the low charge alert, simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. Electric coolers are much better than a non-thermoelectric cooler. Depending on the models and brands, prices will essentially differ depending on the capacity in liters of the cooler. The electrical charge of these coolers may also vary depending on the brands.

Choosing your electric cooler: what criteria?

Two cooling systems exist on electric coolers. The shovel system and the compressor cooler system. The most common, best-selling and cheapest cooling system is the shovel effect system .

This cooling mode is also more energy-efficient and quite compact. We’ll find the shovel cooling system on small models of electric coolers .

The compressor system is significantly higher in price but more efficient and efficient too. A compressor cooler will take up more space because it will actually work like a fridge. The second system is thus more intended for professionals.

What use for my electric cooler?

An electric cooler is ideal when you want to go camping. This is an investment to make to avoid organizing at the last minute. No more ice breads that melt too fast, or cold packs forgotten in the garage at the time of departure on vacation. You leave serene and can go to your destination by motorhome or car.

The use of an electric cooler is very convenient for holidaymakers, small professional caterers offering delivery, and all individuals looking to transport products in the cold and in a way secured.

Thermoelectric engineering: the right temperature for your food

Thermoelectric technology makes it possible to process a large volume of cold air. With a portable electric cooler, the temperature can even drop to 16 degrees below room temperature. The capacity in liters and the duration of freshness are the most noticed advantages.

Brands offering electric car coolers sell their products online on Amazon e-commerce sites. You are spoilt for choice for your future electric cooler: size, capacity, performance, aesthetics, etc. Mobicool and Dometic make models that are more or less equal: it is interesting to make a comparison before purchasing an electric cooler for the holidays.

Our tip : choose your cooler model electric in anticipation of holidays (on Amazon for example) to not stumble on a product out of stock…

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