E-cig refills: comparison

Are you using an electronic cigarette and are looking for a quality refill for your e-cig? The electronic cigarette — or vape — has been very popular for a few years, and with it, the many offers of e-liquid refills. Perfume, price, product quality reviews, reviews on tobacco similarity and nicotine content… We provide you with a comparison of reviews on the best liquid refills for electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette and smoking cessation

E-cigarette is the most popular smoking cessation tool of the moment, in France and many countries. It owes its success to electronic cigarette e liquid formulas, developed to facilitate smoking cessation . The e liquid acts as a fuel for your vaper or e cig. Once the liquid is sprayed, the former smoker can regain sensations of a cigarette. The lack of nicotine can thus be filled with an e-liquid and various formulas.

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Electronic cigarettes are now available in kit at varying prices depending on the quality. With, pod, without pod, with extra or single battery, an electronic cigarette kit is available for a beginner to from 30 euros.

Reviews product pack or kit e liquids and e cigarettes

Choosing your kit e liquids for electronic cigarettes is not easy: you must first assess your need for weaning . Do you want to gradually stop nicotine intake or you want to switch directly to an electronic cigarette with e liquid without nicotine? You are given the criteria for choosing your refill e liquid for electronic cigarette.

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How to choose an electronic cigarette refill

When you find yourself having to choose your refill e liquid for electronic cigarette, here are the criteria to take into account:

  • the level of nicotine present in the e liquid
  • flavor or fragrance of e liquid
  • the composition of e liquid for electronic cigarette

Vaping with an electronic cigarette today is more than a weaning tool smoking: this is a real experience. The vaper will have to be both mentally satisfied and physiologically filled with the composition of the liquid being refilled.

Nicotine: choose the right rate for your e-cig refill

Choosing the nicotine level of your e liquid refill will be decisive for your vape experience. This property is the main property of e liquid for electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarette e-liquid test and reviews

Opinions differ greatly about the experience of electronic cigarettes and the quality of e liquid refills. Indeed, the vape is an individual experiment and it is difficult to objectively assess the quality of a liquid refill.

Our opinion: it is advisable to make an opinion on the composition of the e liquid , to begin with. Some liquids are tobacco free and nicotine free, others are contain. It’s up to you to see what suits you about the composition of the e liquid of your electronic cigarette.

E cigarette liquid is mainly composed of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (GV) . These two substances, also called “base”, make up 80% or 90% of your electronic cigarette liquid. Choose here too the ratio that suits you: 50/50, etc.

Make your opinion on flavors of liquid e -cig

As for the flavors of liquid e cig, your subjective opinion will be the best. Once you have eliminated the composition criterion, you will have to choose the nicotine level based on your degree of smoking. Test e liquid flavors of electronic cigarette with colleagues or friends and make your opinion before buying e liquid refills. When buying, the price of refills in kit for Electronic cigarettes will vary depending on the complexity of flavors and the proposed kit.

Our opinion on flavors e liquid for electronic cigarettes

A multitude of flavors of e liquid for electronic cigarettes exist: sometimes it is advisable to start with a menthol refill, because the flavors are quite sweet. Fruity flavor, tobacco, classic… Tastes and colors are not really argued . To give you your opinion, you have to test! Depending on the times of the day, the flavors of your electronic cigarette will also be different.

So you will find the best e liquid refill by testing and trying flavors and compositions. The quality of e cigarettes can influence flavors too. In any case, if you change your mind after purchase, you can barter liquid refills with friends.

Find flavors that change from the ordinary to vaping

It’s been several months since you’ve been vaping. Forcefully, it is possible to get tired of the basic flavors proposed for e-liquids. If you find yourself in this situation, be aware that there are solutions to discover new ones, such as with savourea-shop.com. You are guaranteed to find original and surprising flavors that will be perfectly preserved thanks to a specific packaging. You can choose to take several flavors and then make your own mixture or opt for ready-made preparations. Whatever your choice, you will deal with 100% French products. The vials are also available in 10 or 30 ml and you can choose your nicotine dosage . Indeed, each vial exists with either 3, 6, 12 or 16 mg of nicotine. It is even possible to buy it without nicotine, if you are no longer depending on the substance but you still want to keep the gesture.

Here are some examples of original flavors that you will have the privilege of tasting:

  • Fruity flavors of melon , passion, violet or licorice
  • for a well-deserved break, coffee flavor or energy drink

All you have to do is go and take a look at it.