Driving well in Morocco : tips to remember !

To discover the most beautiful landscapes that Morocco can offer during your stay, there is nothing better than driving by yourself. However, this part of the world has a high rate of road accidents. In addition, not being familiar with these roads, you will need to redouble your vigilance.

In order to compensate for this when driving your car in Morocco, discover some useful tips . They will allow you not only to avoid accidents, but also appreciate all the charm of the country.

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The driver’s license and the Passports are mandatory

If you plan to drive to Morocco during your stay, be aware that the statutory age is 18 years old. However, expect car rental agencies in Morocco to refuse their services to people under 21 years of age and older. It is more a matter of security than a matter of law.

On the other hand, driving licences and passports are mandatory. It is best to have them on you at any time to avoid fines or arrests during road police inspections. Please note, however, that your international permit is not required. Your usual permit will be enough in Morocco. Also, whether you are from Europe, America or even Africa, the permit issued by your country will allow you to ride in peace.

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Defensive conduct in Morocco: what is it ?

It is strongly recommended to adopt defensive conduct in Morocco. This means taking the necessary precautions to ensure your safety , and that of others, at all times.

Just like the provinces arriving by car in Paris, some caution will be required to get used to the local driving mode. This includes leaving more space between your car and others, slowing down even on green lights, respecting the speed limits imposed, communicating with other motorists all the time with gestures or eye contacts, or using the horn, etc.

On national roads, the speed limit is 100 km/h, 120 km/h on motorways, and 60 km/h in urbanized areas. Be vigilant, as the Moroccan road police do not tolerate any deviations. Indeed, a simple overrun of 5 km/h over the imposed limit will cost you a fine salty, in the 400 DH, or even more depending on the seriousness of the offense.

Obviously, if you hire a car rental agency in Morocco , you won’t have to worry about yourself. However, it is preferable to be informed about the rules in force in the country.

Riding preferably during the day

Certainly, discovering the nocturnal charm of Morocco is tempting, especially since the country is known for the hospitality and joy of life of its inhabitants. But that doesn’t mean that you can venture alone at night, driving your car.

Firstly, you would risk getting lost since you do not know all the alleys, but in addition, the quality of Moroccan roads can vary widely. In some quarters, they are in very poor condition with holes or bumps that require speed adjustment . At night, this kind of situation could quickly become unmanageable or even dangerous.

In rural areas, roads are also in poor conditions. Obstacles are not visible at night . And finally, roads leading to the mountain do not have safety slides. Also, the only sensible precaution to take is not to ride at night unless you have a native guide of the country.

The first actions to adopt in the event of an accident

If, for some reason, however, you are the victim of an accident, the first reflex to have is to stay still. Do not think about moving your car unless its position may cause another accident.

If you have the option, discuss the insurance information with the other driver. Try to get their contact information and other information that may be helpful to you.

Take Always a photo of the scene to support your insurance claim file. A photo taken by your smartphone will do. However, if you have a device that can make excellent shots, feel free to use it. The more details your photos show, the better it will be to avoid any dispute.

If you went through a car rental agency in Morocco, the best would be to call your rental company directly. He will travel and advise you on the steps to be taken to resolve the problem. Indeed, it very often happens that accidents do not always go through insurers. Sometimes a cash payment will be enough to solve everything. Obviously, this transaction is not to be considered without the consent of your rental company.

Finally, remember to call the authorities as well as emergency centres for this kind of accident. For call medical aid and firefighters, dial 15. To call the urban police, call 19. And to contact the RCMP, call 177.

Other useful tips!

For any road driver, alcohol abuse is prohibited. Better to avoid getting behind the wheel if you have consumed it: the Moroccan police do not tolerate any deviations in road driving. It is very strict on the regulations!

Always trust road signs to comply with the country’s road code. They are written in Arabic and French . Also put on your seat belt at any time. Children under 4 years of age must be placed in the back.

If you respect all these recommendations, driving to Morocco will not be difficult!